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Music Video…

Aaaaaaaaaah! I know I don’t fangirl a whole lot on this blog, but if you’ve read my Ultimate Biases post, you’ll know why I’m going crazy right now. Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk released a music video last night!!! It was announced that they were going to have a music video only hours before it actually came out!

Just look at it. When was the last time Super Junior had a natural video like this? All I can think of is “Happiness” which was way back in 2009. I think “It’s You” was the only music video they have ever had that was soft and gentle like this.

Capture7They finally escaped the box! EunHae are walking around London, in the actual outdoors! They aren’t wearing crazy outfits or flashy colors.

Capture3EUNHYUK IS SINGING! If you’ve followed Super Junior as closely as I do, you’ll see just how far Eunhyuk has come. He has sung a lot before, but he’s usually only given a line or two in each song if even that. When he and Leeteuk DJed Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio, they did a lot of covers of songs and Eunhyuk would always be so embarrassed to sing a serious song, but now look at him! Just a couple years ago he got a significantly long line in “Good Person” and on their live stage the other members made such a big deal about it and he looked so nervous before singing and then so accomplished after completing his lines. Now he’s not only singing half of a song, but it’s a slow, soft song where his vocals are completely exposed. He can’t hide behind autotune like their other dance songs, and it sounds beautiful!

Capture4And my love Donghae composed this song! It’s beautiful. I always love the songs he composes. They are soft like ballads, but they all have a little something special to keep them from being boring. I love that SM is giving him an opportunity to promote these songs of his. Putting them on the album is one thing, but this is a whole music video to showcase his work. And it’s beautiful.


Capture8 Not only is it a REAL music video (because Henry’s was real too), but this one is just beautiful on top of it. The colors and split screen were so nice. There were little artistic decisions made that we only rarely see in SuJu videos. This video was clearly made with thought and care, and it just makes me so happy. After Mr. Simple, A-Cha, SFS, and Spy, I’ve been just getting more and more disappointed with how cheaply made Suju’s videos are. But this one…doesn’t completely make up for it, but it is so reassuring to see that SM isn’t just banking on SJ’s popularity. They actually making an effort with SuJu again, trying out new things. (I’ll be covering more of my thoughts on the actual music video in my review later.)

CaptureIt was artsy and beautiful, but it also had those moments that were so Super Junior:

Capture6Donghae, we all know you don’t understand what he’s saying. 😛 (I do have to say though, his English has gotten surprisingly good.)

Capture5I don’t even have a caption for this. This is just so Eunhyuk.

SM trolls and trolls and trolls, but then they do rare things like this to just make us SM Stans so happy. It’s evil, but it works.

EunHaeI was literally shaking with excitement as I watched this video for the first time and when it finished, I watched it again. Then I watched it again. I talk about how much I love BTOB and BAP and Block B, but none of them compare to my love for Super Junior, and even more for Donghae and Eunhyuk in particular. Minhyuk can be as adorable as he wants, Jongup can dance in ways to make my mind explode, but no one will give me the same feeling as watching my two ultimate biases sing a beautiful song in a beautiful music video.



5 thoughts on “EunHae Killed Me

  1. This is an awesome blog,.why didnt i find you before!!!?Your reviews on Eunhae albums are amazing and i can totally connect with your fangirling post becoz these dorks completey own my heart,Keep up the good work..Fighting!!!!


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