VIXX “Scentist” – The Fangirl Version

I don’t really know what I was expecting from this comeback. I didn’t love VIXX’s last two comebacks like I have for all their others, which really threw me for a loop and made me skeptical about this one.

However, what they ended up releasing was definitely better than expected. It’s hard to say with truth that this is one of my favorite singles of theirs, because come on they have released so many gems… but this is definitely my favorite comeback of theirs since Fantasy.

I had originally decided to wait until after I finished grad school to get back on this blog, but I just couldn’t NOT make this post. So, the following is everything that goes through my head as I watch VIXX’s music video for Scentist:


My boy Hyogi starting off!

Whoaa ok hold on, did Ken always have an ear piercing? He’s wearing an earring here, right?


Aww yeah Ken being all fierce starting us off!


Ooh I like the eyebrows. There is so much happening with Ken right off the bat and I love it.


The color aesthetic of this video is beautiful. Just look at this shot.




live for Hakyeon’s dancing in this music video. Just look at those hand motions!




This right here is my favorite part of the music video. Hakyeon just gets so fierce out of nowhere.


I literally jumped back in my chair when I noticed the lizard on his neck.


Hongbin’s voice! He sounds really good here.


So I’m not one to usually fangirl over Leo, but I’m not gonna lie this is a really nice shot.


I look at this and I don’t see bottles; I see apples. And then it makes me think of Snow White and how amazingly amazing it would be if Jaehwan played the Huntsman in a Snow White remake…

Ok, back to the video.


VIXX really loves their grabbing-onto-each-other moves, don’t they?


Another beautiful shot~


YES! Hakyeon leading the members in a dance for the win!


Whoaaaaa hold up, where did that gun come from, Jaehwan????


Alright, I demand to see the behind the scenes footage for this scene. There is no way that our Cha Hakyeon Mr. Scared of Everything That Moves stood there with a snake around his body without completely freaking out.


Oooh. Changing up the aesthetic a bit but I like this. It looks really cool.


Are they too old yet for me to see them as kids working on a school project here?


This hair color looks amazing on Hongbin!


Whoa since when did this video get all freedom fighter?


I really like Hakyeon’s hair too. The styling is just so good in this video.


Okay, I still don’t understand the significance of the kid…


I love Jaehwan’s outfit. It reminds me of his role in The Closer.


Listen, there is no way you are going to convince me that Jaehwan is this angsty boy waiting to shoot someone. I don’t care how good of an actor he is. He’s too fun-loving for that.


This. Is. A. Beautiful. Shot.

Minus the gun.


The hair!!! Pale blue is definitely his color.


Poor Hyogi didn’t have one of those moments where he steals the show in this video. I mean he’s totally killing it in this scene, but his presence seems a little more muted than usual in this video.


Yesss Leo playing piano keys in shadow! Such a cool concept!


HELL YES Look at Jaehwan standing in the middle leading the final dance scene! His dancing really really shines in this comeback.


Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that HONGBIN is standing next to Leo finishing off the vocals of their title track? LEE HONGBIN WHO’S VOCAL COACHES SAID THAT HE COULDN’T SING SIX YEARS AGO!

I just could not capture the true fierceness of the dance in these screencaps, so please watch the full video here and bathe in the greatness:

Question of the Day:

Who do you think stole the show in this comeback? I’m tied between N and Ken.

#NowPlaying: One by Samuel ft. Ilhoon of BTOB. Guys, I haven’t loved a song this much in a really long time. It’s one of those songs that I can’t listen to just once. I have to repeat it at least once after it finishes. The instrumental break after the first chorus is so my style.

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What are your thoughts?

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