The Best of K-pop

The majority of this blog is dedicated to reviewing K-pop music videos. In my reviews, I analyze the song, story, cinematography, wardrobe, and choreography of a video. Based on my ratings of those five categories (or how ever many are applicable), each video receives an overall score.

The videos included on my “Best of K-pop” lists are the videos that I rate highest in each category. I include what I think are the top five music videos of the year as well as the top five songs, stories, works of cinematography, and dances of the year. (I don’t include a list of the top five wardrobes in a video because something like clothing is way too subjective)

If you’re new to K-pop, or just need something worthwhile to watch or listen to, check out my lists! Please note that these are all based on my opinion. I try to be objective as possible, so the artists that I include in these lists are not necessarily my favorite groups. Likewise, I always try my best not let my personal biases show.

Bottom line: Don’t take these lists too seriously. If your favorite video is not on my list, it’s alright. Tell me about it in the comments! It may very well be a video I have never seen or considered. But remember, we are all allowed to have different opinions.

Best of K-pop 2013 | Best of K-pop 2014 | Best of K-pop 2015 | Best of K-pop 2016


What are your thoughts?

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