A Little Bit About Me

I’m just a college student living in the Midwest of the US who loves K-pop.  My favorite group is Super Junior, but I’m pretty much open to anything with a good beat.  Welcome to my world!

This blog is for me to both talk about things I’m noticing about K-pop and how it is changing as well as post reviews of music videos, songs, and albums.  I have a more… let’s say “conservative” perspective when it comes to music videos, being a practicing Muslim, and I hope you will hear me out on my maybe sometimes unique opinions.

At the end of each of my posts, I will include a song recommendation. So if you’re ever looking for something new to listen to, check out one of my posts!

A little story about how I got into K-pop (To see my full post about this, click here):

The first music video I ever saw was Girls’ Generation’s “Gee.”  My sister showed it to me and I’m not gonna lie, I found it pretty hilarious.  They just seemed like dancing and singing Barbies to me.  My sister also showed me Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” which I was much more drawn to.  The catchy beat and amazing dance got me completely hooked.  Before really getting into Super Junior however, I became completely obsessed with SHINee after watching “Ring Ding Dong.”  I fell in love with all of the members and watched all of their music videos and a bunch of their variety shows.

Through SHINee, I started seeing more of the Super Junior members and when “Bonamana” came out, it was love at first sight.  Bonamana began my journey to completely loving everything about Super Junior.  I watched all of their live performances of Bonamana, discovered Sukira and watched a bunch of clips from that, then learned of the millions of variety shows Super Junior has been on and watched all of those.

I eventually gave other groups a chance and discovered Beast and UKISS and rediscovered Girls’ Generation who I am a huge fan of now.  The rest is history.

So yes, I am an ELF.  But I’m also a Starlight, MeU, B.A.B.Y, Aileean and so much more.  I do still listen to American music, but K-pop has pretty much taken over my phone. #KpoppingSince2010

To get an idea of the kind of music I like or the songs I’m currently into, check out my My Tunes Playlist. Whenever I hear a song that I particularly like, I add it to this playlist. If you want slower, softer songs, check out my Ear Candy playlist. These are songs that I could just get lost in.

For even more variety, I have a Workout Playlist specifically for when I work out. Upbeat. Fast-paced. Perfect for getting your blood pumping.

Yes, I am very particular when it comes to my playlists.

I also make youtube videos!

Super Junior Videos (lyrics videos, dance versions, and random SuJu love): skippykipper101

Other random K-pop videos (just VIXX and B.A.P for now): skippykipper102

Got any questions?

Comment below, tweet me at @mystification86, or email me at mystification1220@yahoo.com.

I love talking, especially about K-pop. 😉


15 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Oh my god I’ve been following you for ages, and I never knew you were Muslim :O

    I never commented, but your reviews are like, everything I think. Almost. It’s like you’re voicing my thoughts and I’m just like wow THANK GOD SOMEONE THINKS THE SAME WAY.

    Also this blog is where I come when I need new songs to listen to so thanks for unknowingly recommending stuff hahaha. Keep being awesome 😀


    1. You posted this a couple of months ago and I feel so bad that I am only now responding to this, but you have no idea how happy your comment made me! Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoy reading.


  2. omg.
    your story about how you got into kpop is almost EXACTLY the same as mine!
    I discovered kpop from my korea-obsessed friend. she introduced me to sistar, shinee, snsd. eventually I started checking out other groups, but super junior is always my favorite. surprisingly, the first song I heard from them was not a single, it was “opera” from mr. simple. I LOVED IT and I listened to their other songs and that’s how I became an ELF.

    Liked by 1 person

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