My Ultimate Biases!

A “Bias” is K-pop lingo for your favorite member of a group.  For example, AJ is my favorite member of U-KISS, so he would be my bias.  Take the term a step further to “Ultimate Bias.”  This is that one celebrity who trumps every other celebrity as your ultimate favorite person in the industry (and possibly the whole world ;)).  The following is a list of my top five ultimate biases in K-pop (and really in all entertainment).


BIAS 1 DONGHAE3Obviously it would be someone from Super Junior.  Lee Donghae is the one for me.  From his looks, to his style of singing, to his shy and childish personality, to his Mokpo accent, I love (almost) everything about him.  If he were Muslim, I would marry him in a heartbeat.  As for musical ability, he has the sweetest voice, can compose beautiful songs, and is an incredible dancer.  I love how much fun he has at his Super Shows and how close he is to each member of the group.  His past makes me cry and his success makes me proud.  Donghae steals my attention every time.


BIAS 2 EUNHYUKDon’t worry, this list isn’t all Super Junior members, although it would be a crime to ignore Eunhyuk as my second ultimate bias.  This man has absolutely mastered the art of performing.  He is the “Dancing Machine” of Super Junior, and that much is clear in both their music videos and live performances.  He dances with such talent, rhythm, confidence, and passion.  I am also convinced that he can pull off any and every style of rap.  His personality only makes him even more lovable.  He has the biggest of hearts and the funnest of personalities.  He is naturally hilarious and the love and dedication he has for his team never fails to warm my heart.


BIAS 3 JONGUPI only learned who he was this year, but Jongup very quickly jumped all the way up my bias lists to third place, right after Super Junior.  He is the main dancer of B.A.P and completely deserves that title.  Watch a fancam of him performing “No Mercy” and you’ll understand why I love him so much.  He has the best expressions when he is having fun and always puts his all into his performances.  His voice isn’t too bad, but clearly underrated based on the number of lines he gets in B.A.P songs.  Even though he doesn’t sing very much, his persona on stage completely makes up for it.


BIAS 4 JOONMBLAQ isn’t even on my list of top ten favorite groups, but Lee Joon stands out so much for his appearance, personality, and talent for me not to notice him.  He sings and dances pretty well, but the main reason why he is on this list is because he is one of the most lovably dorky people in K-pop.  He is so kind and innocent which sometimes causes him to act really naive in the funniest of ways, and he never fails to put a smile on my face.  It is incredible how he can go from a goofy mama’s boy to a serious, deep singer on stage and in videos.  He was always good-looking, but Hello Baby and We Got Married showed me a side of Joon that is just hilarious and adorable.


BIAS 5 JIYOONI actually probably like her more than Joon, but I wanted to end with a girl. 🙂 In my mind, Jiyoon is clearly the most talented and likable member of 4Minute.  She is an amazing singer and performs with a confidence that I rarely see in female K-pop singers.  She doesn’t have to constantly show off her legs and butt to look absolutely gorgeous.  She has a voice that can’t be beaten, and she knows it.  She doesn’t rely on her body for popularity, which is the most refreshing thing about her.  I have so many reasons to dislike 4Minute nowadays, but Jiyoon combats almost every single one of those reasons.  I just love her.

Obviously looks are what initially attracted me to each of these people, but deeper than that, they each have personalities and talents that completely steal my love and attention from everyone else in K-pop.

Before I end this, I would like to point out that none of these people are perfect.  I wish Donghae and Jongup wouldn’t lip-sync so much.  I wish Eunhyuk and Lee Joon weren’t so obsessed with showing off their abs.  I wish Jiyoon didn’t participate in 4Minute’s overly provocative dances.  No one is perfect, and it is perfectly fine to not like every single thing about your biases.  Some K-pop fans seem to forget that.

So with that in mind, I shall bid you goodbye! I won’t have access to internet for the next week or so, but when I come back, I’ll be posting a review of Henry’s “Trap” music video and my videos from May (which are incredibly overdue! Sorry!).

Any thoughts on this?  Post a comment of your list of ultimate biases and let’s see if we have any in common!  That would be pretty cool! (Unless one of them is Donghae, then back off because he’s mine! ;))


4 thoughts on “My Ultimate Biases!

  1. OMG!!! We have the same top two ultimate biases! Actually Eunhyuk is my #1 but donghae is seriously trying to climb up, If he does then he’d be tied with eunhyuk for first place. You basically listed everything that I find so lovable about those two. After those two it gets hard because I love too many of them to be able to list them >.< Although my third ultimate bias and #1 girl bias would be SNSD's beautiful sunny. I just adore her personality, her aegyo, and her voice is simply amazing. I love the fact that even if her uncle is Lee Sooman she has proved herself worthy of being in the music industry with her sweet smooth voice. Overall she proves that great things can come in small packages. Well I just wanted to share that with you haha I kind of went overboard … Anyway, I loved Henry's song "Trap" it is seriously awesome, I look forward to watching your reaction and reading your thoughts on his new song! Have a beautiful week. ^-^


  2. Thank you so much for this comment! Honestly, there are some times when Eunhyuk steals my attention more than Donghae…they are both so loveable. And even though Jongup is my #3 bias, he isn’t even close to EunHae.
    I actually didn’t know that Sunny is Lee Sooman’s niece! She is super talented though. She deserves her place in SNSD.


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