MV Scoring System

For as long as this blog has existed, I have been assigning numbers to K-pop music videos based on how I would rank them in “goodness.” I figured it was about time I explained what each score means.

Basically, when I review a music video, I break it down into five sections: Song, Story, Cinematography, Wardrobe, and Dance. Each section gets an individual score, and then I average the scores to get the overall score of the video. Obviously, if a video doesn’t have a story or dance, I just won’t include that in my average.

The following are every possible score I could give to each category. After the number is a small explanation of what that score means or what goes through my head when I assign that particular score.

5 – Amazing, perfect, mind-blowing.

4.9 – “It would be absolutely perfect if it wasn’t for one little thing…”

4.5 – Really good. It’s not perfect, but I love it.

4 – Pretty good. Nothing to make it amazing or really unique though.

3.9 – Pretty good objectively, but either I don’t personally like it or there is something about it that makes me feel it doesn’t deserve a full 4.

3.5 – “It’s good I guess”

3 – It’s okay. I’ll also give this score if there are both aspects that I really like and aspects that I really don’t like.

2.9 – “In fairness, it should be given a 3, but I just don’t like it.”

2.5 – “Eh, it’s not bad, but not good either.”

2 – Not horrible, but I definitely wouldn’t consider it “good”

1.9 – “Basically I hate it, but to be fair, I’ll give it a 1.9. It wasn’t totally terrible.”

1.5 – There may be one little aspect I like, but overall pretty terrible.

1 – Terrible. Horrible. Shouldn’t have been made.

I generally won’t even make a post about a video that I give scores of 1. For me, this usually happens if some part of the video is unnecessarily overly sexual, and in that case, I wouldn’t want anyone else to watch it so I will just ignore the video all together.

Note: I’ll never give anything a score below 1. Someone somewhere put some thought and care into the video, and for that reason in and of itself, it is something of value.

I didn’t always do the .9s, but I decided to add that in there for my own personal preferences. For example, sometimes there is a story in a video that I know is pretty good, but I just don’t have it in me to give it a full 4, so I’ll give it a 3.9.

Hope that clears everything up! You probably didn’t need to know all of these details, but if you’re ever confused about what was going through my mind when I gave a particular score, you can refer to this page!


What are your thoughts?

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