Throwback Thursday: Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single”

I remember feeling so conflicted when this first came out. I felt so excited and happy, but at the same time slightly let down at the fact that SM yet again gave Super Junior an unimaginative dance-in-a-box video. Yet I still love it so much.


The song is great. I am not a fan of the slow beginning, but once Siwon begins with his “Sexy, free, and single” and the beat picks up, the song becomes much more interesting. From the verses to the chorus, the whole thing has a really nice beat. I really like how the chorus is almost like a chant, fun to listen to and easy to sing along to. The moment before the bridge where they repeat “Sexy, free, and single” with minimal instrumental really is like a chant and I love it. I am a little disappointed with how dull the singing part of the bridge is compared to the rest of the song, but as a whole this is a pretty good song.

Sidenote: I so wish the lyrics were “I’m ready to mingle” instead of “I’m ready to bingo.” Bingo makes so sense and mingle makes perfect sense!

Score: 4/5


All of the rooms look really nice in this video and the dance is dynamic enough sfs11that the video is still interesting despite not having a story. Both the spikes scene and the red scene look really cool, they don’t quite look like the same music video.

While it is all nice and good, I can’t find anything spectacular or super memorable in this video. There isn’t really any point to the image of the metal figure coming together, breaking apart, and then coming back together, and that sfs7sequence of all of the members floating in midair looks too fake.

I can’t tell if I like or dislike the fact that the red “outdoor” scene clearly looks like an indoor set. It would have been nice if they could have actually been outdoors.

Score: 4/5



As a whole, this is a nice concept. Super Junior suits that main street concept pretty well. Donghae in particular looks fabulous in both the red and white scenes. Yesung and Siwon also look pretty good in those scenes and Sungmin is really rocking the white hair. All in all, there are a lot of really great looks in this sfs1video.

However, as SM likes to do, there are some really outrageous outfits in this. In one of the white scenes Sungmin has this giant black net hanging off of him. Don’t even get me started on the solo shots. What in the world in Leeteuk wearing? Him and Siwon look ridiculous, and the rest of the members have really strange accessories that take away from sfs2what could actually be a decent outfit.

As for the biker spikes, they all look decent in the dance scene, however the solo shots exaggerate that look too much. That concept generally looks okay with them, but it is too different from the rest of thew wardrobe.

Score: 3.5/5


sfs6The dance to this song is so good. From the moment the beat drops to the end, the choreography never stops. I really like the chorus and how it changes with each repetition. All of the dance moves fit the sound of each part perfectly. My favorite moments: Eunhyuk’s solo dance break, Leeteuk’s little shuffle during his solo, and the whole line move in Donghae’s part before the second chorus. I also really love the entire ending. Super Junior does a really great job in using their entire bodies to perform this dance.


Can I just say that I absolutely love the “I’m ready to bingo” move where they just throw their bodies forward? That is one of my favorite Super Junior moves ever.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, this is a pretty good music video with just a few hiccups that keep it from being really great. The song and dance are of course the most important part and those are the strongest aspects to this music video. This comeback only reinforced the same problem that I have with Super Junior time and time again: SM just doesn’t invest as much time and effort into Super Junior as they could, leaving them with tons of talent but a lackluster video.

Overall Final Score: 4/5


What did you think of this music video?

#NowPlaying: OMG by JJY Band…  a.k.a Jung Joon Young! I was so excited for this song to be released and it definitely exceeded expectations! I just adore his style of singing in this. The album as a whole is so good. (Sidepoint: I’m going to have to update my bias list. Jung Joon Young is officially in my top 10 favorite artists list. He is also getting up there on the ultimate bias list.)

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