GOT7 “Stop Stop It” Music Video Review

I love the members and the dance, but I really don’t like the rest of it. Sorry, GOT7.


This is one of those moments where they try to experiment with something unique and it backfires. I don’t like the chorus of this song at all. The effect they put over the voices works as a sound effect or something to go in the background of the song, not as the main voice singing. It lowers the sound quality of the song and frankly is not that pleasant to listen to for such a long period of time. The echoed chorus does not even sound similar to the rests of the song.

On a more positive note, Yugyeom’s voice really shines in this song. He has not been given a lot of attention in GOT7’s past two singles, but in this one he is given multiple parts and sounds great in all of them.

Score: 2/5


It took forever for my little brain to piece together exactly what is going on in this story, which is partly why I am giving it somewhat of a lower score. The following is what I have figured out, but with the complication of time travel, it could be something totally different:

The whole story takes place in the stopstopit1future, where time travel exists. JB is trying to ask out his crush, and after she rejects him, he travels back in time to earlier that day. Suddenly, she is all friendly with him, which confuses him. He follows her around, leading her to the roof where he meets himself on the roof, bringing the past back to the present.

From what I understand, he was transported back in time to get another chance at impressing the girl, and by being his natural self rather than the bad boy, I’m-going-to-jump-off-of-this-roof-type guy, she likes him. So now that he is back on the roof, he is given another chance to ask her out, but because of his ordeal, he is suddenly hesitant.

It is an interesting and creative story, but it is also extremely confusing. When it comes to time travel, it is easy to lose an audience if you are not clear enough about what is going on, and this video is left way too open-ended to make much sense to the average, non-analytical viewer.

Score: 3/5


The cinematography is decent in this video. The futuristic landscape looks pretty cool.

stopstopit4However, I find that much of this video simply uses recycled looks from other K-pop music videos. The elite roof (2PM’s Come Back When You Hear This Song), the classroom (Teen Top’s Miss Right), and the street/alleyway (basically every K-pop video). It would have been nice to see some more originality in the actual locations of the set, or at least some cohesiveness, because from my point of view, each set could have been from a completely different music video.

The way they put together the time warp scene stopstopit5looks really cool. I give them props for really making it look like the space-time-continuum is glitching with the past and future-JBs meeting. I also like how many of the story scenes are focused on JB’s face, really capturing well just how confused he is.

Score: 3/5


stopstopit3Really, JYP? This is what you think the future of fashion is going to look like? Those overalls have to go. I am trying, and I just cannot find anything appealing about them. They are too oversized and outlandish. All of the outfits are just random and crazy. It might pull off a 90s look, which is totally inappropriate considering this video is supposed to take place in the future.

The new hairstyles are overall good except for Mark and Jackson. Youngjae and Yugyeom went for some crazy colors, but I think they both suit their new hairstyles pretty well.

Score: 1.5/5


The dance is probably the one thing saving this video. It is one of GOT7’s better dances. There is stopstopit6always some kind of movement going on, making for a very entertaining performance. I love the “hajima” hand-waving. They all have really good facial expressions during the chorus.

I really appreciate how many of the movements use the entire body rather than just the hands or legs. Some of the body-waving is too greasy for me though.

One of the strengths of this dance is how at times, all of the members are doing something slightly different, but at the same pace, making for a very interesting picture to watch.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall…I’m sorry but I just really did not like this video. I can’t bring myself to like the song and the story is just too confusing for me. In terms of their rise to success, I think this video was a step backwards. However, I am confident that they will continue to improve from here and give us an amazing video in the near future. Everyone is allowed one not-so-great video.

Overall Final Score: 2.8/5

Favorite moment:


Look at our BamBam looking all mature! I can totally see him pulling a Taemin and going solo, making everyone fall in love with him. But what would we call him? BamMAN? MANBam?


What do you think about this video? Any other interpretations of the story?

#NowPlaying: Lips by Miss A. This song randomly came on my Pandora and now I am obsessed with it. I don’t even like Miss A, but damn this song is good.


5 thoughts on “GOT7 “Stop Stop It” Music Video Review

  1. Yeah, this didn’t really work for me either. I could have liked the song, it had great potential, but those sound effects really ruined it for me.

    The story was a cool idea, but I’m not sure how well executed it was. I’m not sure how they could have done it better though, so maybe it was just too complicated to begin with?

    I like the dance and the hairstyles. Even Mark and Jackson actually work for me! I love how grown up BamBam is looking! It finally feels like he’s not someone’s younger brother tagging along…


    1. You know, I probably would have liked Jackson’s hairstyle if that is what he debuted with. But I’m just so used to the longer hair that the buzz cut is taking a lot of getting used to. Although now he’s really looking like Kim Hyun Joong, as if he didn’t already before.


      1. Wow, I’ve never seen that similarity before! But now that you say it, they kind of do look alike… I’m thinking about the ‘Unbreakable’-era Kim Hyun Joong though, I’m not sure which version of him you’re thinking of… Though I would be shocked if it was the Boys over Flowers version xD


  2. The story line of the video was so difficult to understand and that kind of ruined this video for me. After I finished watching the vid, I had a blank stare on my face. For me, the choreo isn’t as strong as some of their previous tracks but it works with the song so I can’t fault them too much for that. The autotuned effect on the chorus was so unnecessary and didn’t help the song in any way. I TOTALLY agree with your wardrobe comments! I really didn’t know what to expect from this MV in the first place so I wasn’t actually disappointed, just very confused. But JB’s face throughout the entire video is too priceless.


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