SISTAR “Give It To Me” Music Video Review

Disappointing… 😦


As always, SISTAR impressed with their incredible singing ability.  Each note of the vocals was so carefully and perfectly executed in this song.  Soyu demonstrated her incredible ability to produce such soft yet beautiful sounds.  I was very impressed with Dasom in this song.  She sang a pretty large solo in the middle and sounded absolutely precious in this.  While the vocals were nothing but perfect, the actual composition of the song could have been a little better.  I thought the repetition of “Give it to me” got to be too much very quickly.  It felt like half the song was them singing that one line.  I also thought the rap and the “La La La” lines right after didn’t fit with the rest of the song.  While both parts sounded okay, the rap was too fast for the song and the “La La La” was too slow.  If they had just fixed these little things, this would have been an outstanding song.

Score: 4/5


As nice as each scene looked, there were way too many different scenes in this video.  The video seemed to have a circus theme which did make itself apparent through the main dancing scene and the circle swing, but there was also a white and blue painted room and a blue, fashion show-looking room.  There were five different rooms and scenes in this video and the constant flashing from one to another made it very hard to follow the video.  It looked like the producers had a bunch of different ideas of what this video should look like and decided to just put them all together instead of picking one look.

As for the main dancing scene, I thought the big circus set looked pretty cool, but the scene as a whole looked awkward without any audience members.  SISTAR and their backup dancers just looked silly dancing by themselves with no one watching.  The wrecked room and lack of audience confused me and was never explained.  I really liked the gold dancing scenes being flashed during that main dancing scene because it gave the video an epic, glamorous feel, but that main scene was just empty and awkward.  The cinematography really should have been cut down and edited a little better.

Score: 2.5/5


Unfortunately, this wardrobe made it very hard to me to enjoy the music video.  All of the dresses either had a weird top or an extremely short bottom.  It looked like a wardrobe out of a little girl’s dress up collection, in both design and size.  The gold dresses would have been very nice if they were longer than the length of a shirt.  The four white outfits didn’t go together and looked more trashy than elegant in my opinion.   As for the black outfits, I thought Soyu’s extravagant dress was pretty nice, but the other three were too mismatched for comfort (Don’t even get me started on Bora’s leggings).  This video is a perfect example of when trying to be sexy pushes the edge of trashy.  There are so many ways to look beautiful and confident, but wearing dresses five sizes too small is not the way to do it.  The only redeeming quality is that at least they all followed the circus show theme.

Score: 1.5/5


Like the rest of the video, this dance definitely had a very glamorous feel to it.  I loved all of the hair flipping and the moves during the gasping part of the chorus.  They added flair and drama to the performance.  During the chorus, the members looked like they really knew what they were doing which made it very entertaining.  All around these fierce, dramatic moves, however, were boring, butt-waving, cheap dance moves.  The main “Give it to me” move got to be monotonous and boring to watch by the end of the video.  I very quickly got tired of the popping poses and seductive looks and was waiting for more of the intense dancing of the rest of the chorus.  There were also a lot of moments where there wasn’t really any actual dancing going on.  When the male dancer comes out, all that really happens is Soyu putting her hands on him.  During Dasom’s part, she holds the cane, moves her butt in a circle, and then is done.  During these parts and others it seemed like a really interesting dance was about to take place and it never happened.  There were some cool parts, but the majority of it was really dull.

 Score: 3/5

Overall, it wasn’t the worst video, but there was too much about this video that I didn’t like which got in the way of my enjoying any of it.  The outfits really irritated me and the rest was just okay.  Not their best comeback, but I know they have the talent to pull off something really amazing in the future.

Overall Final Score: 2.8/5

Question of the Day:

Does anyone else notice the lack of attention on the other members whenever Hyorin is around?



What are your thoughts?

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