Blogging from A to Z Day 16: Pilsuk & Jason is My Favorite Love Line Ever

P is for Pilsuk and Jason!

p(SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Dream High, I’m going to spoil one of the storylines here. It’s not the main storyline, but read at your own risk.)

I have seen quite a few kdramas so far (maybe around 10?) and I have to say that my favorite romantic storyline out of all of these is from Dream High, between Pilsuk and Jason.

First of all, I don’t know how Dream High ranks on the list of “good dramas” (actually, a lot of you seem to be much more familiar with dramas than I am. How good is Dream High as far as Kdramas go?), but the writers did something with this story that I have yet to see done better in any other drama. They made the story realistic. The characters in the drama have real life problems that they have to overcome, like self-image, disabilities, and financial trouble. It’s not just another one of those dramas where the rich boy falls in love with the poor girl and they find themselves in a love triangle. Yes, the love triangle inevitably happens, but in addition to the boy/girl drama, complications about Samdong’s disability and Jinguk’s insecurities about his family affect the relationships in realistic ways.

pilsuk jasonOne of those realistic storylines that completely pulled me in to the drama is the relationship between the coolest guy in school and the insecure, fat girl. (For the record, I hate that phrase, “fat girl,” but for simplicity’s sake, just to show how opposite Jason and Pilsuk were, it’s what I’m calling her.)

Maybe realistic isn’t the right word, because as much as we want to admit that personality is more important than looks (which I do believe in true), this sort of couple just doesn’t happen very often, especially in a high school setting.

But it did in Dream high, and the fact that the writers so purposefully made it happen is very commendable.

Jason was clearly the most talented entertainer in the school, and they made a point to show that Pilsuk was the least attractive out of all of the girls. Theoretically, he could have gotten any girl he wanted, and plenty of “pretty” girls liked him, but the one who caught his eye was his quirky, adorable “Miss Sushi,” Pilsuk.

For the entire first half of the show, Pilsuk has an adorable crush on him, and he actually indulges in making her happy. One could criticize him for leading her on, but I think he was just genuinely amused by her and liked making her happy. He even uses her infatuation with him to motivate her to lose weight – not because he doesn’t like her the way she is, but because he knows the entertainment business and how difficult it would be for her to debut with her weight. From the very beginning of the show, he is one of the only people who recognizes her musical talent and refuses to judge her simply based on appearance. To prove this point, whenever anyone makes a comment about her weight in front of him, he always defends her.Milky-wooyoung-E2-99-A5iu-27229813-1024-576

Then when she does lose the weight and he starts to really fall for her, the tables turn and she uses his crush to motivate him to actually try in school and set some goals for himself.

In the end, when they are finally together, they still act like friends. They aren’t all kissy and holding hands like other stereotypical couples. They still act like buddies, which is just too adorable.

Neither of them were main characters, but they were the reason why I kept watching the show. It was a different from the usual love line, in every way encouraging, fun, and loveable. Milky Couple Forever! ❤


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