HI SUHYUN “I’m Different” Music Video Review

I can’t believe I almost let this month go by without talking about Hi Suhyun!


Lee Hi and Suhyun sing this song really well. Their voices sound so similar in this, sometimes it was difficult to tell who was who! The song overall is pretty good. I actually really like the little raps they do before each chorus. It’s cute.

Bobby’s rap is introduced nicely, embedded between little bits of singing. He’s a pretty good rapper.

It is a pretty good song, though not something that I would listen to again, because frankly I don’t find it that catchy.

Score: 4/5


hisuhyun7I can’t get over how cute this story is. Hi and Suhyun spend this video completely head over heels for Bobby. They watch him from afar, think about him at night, and try to get his attention in the cutest of ways. I absolutely love cute awkwardness after each of them get caught staring.

I really like how there is a subtle rivalry between Hi and Suhyun. They begin as best friends, but as they each try to win the attention of Bobby, there is a very faint hint of competition between the two, though they never outright fight each other until the very end, by which time they realize that hisuhyunthumbBobby already has a girlfriend. In light of the new revelation, they go back to being best friends and hate on him together.

It is just too cute, and also much more realistic than other videos with similar plots.

Score: 4.5/5


This video captures the perspectives of the girls really well, particularly by how it focuses on the facial expressions of each girl. At the same time, the expressions of Bobby are also captured, however the focus never leaves the girls and his reactions make their hisuhyun6story all the more hilarious.

The editing also portrayed the subtle rivalry particularly well. For example, after Suhyun pretends to faint in front of Bobby, we get the tiniest peek of Hi glaring at Suhyun. Those subtle scenes make the rivalry apparent, but keeps it from being exaggerated and cheesy. This video reminds me of Toheart’s “Delicious” earlier this year, however this rivalry is hisuhyun8much more realistic due to the subtly of the girls’ behavior towards one another. Their focus is more on their affection for Bobby rather than their dislike of each other.

Also, those scenes of the two of them singing and dancing together are adorable.

Score: 4.5/5


hisuhyun5The wardrobe in this video is perfect. Lee Hi, Suhyun, Bobby, and the girlfriend all look exactly like the ages and characters they are portraying. Lee hisuhyun2Hi and Suhyun both really look like little school girls next to Bobby, and Bobby embodies everything in the high school “Cool Guy” who all of the girls fall for.

Lee Hi in particular looks absolutely stunning in this, especially due to her hair style.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I am very happy with this video. It made me laugh and I couldn’t help but smile long after the video ended. Even if the song isn’t that amazing, the video is put together so nicely and is just a joy to watch. Lee Hi and Suhyun are just the cutest, and at the same time have beautiful, powerful voices that blow me away.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Favorite moment:

The face she makes after he sees her.

                     THE FACE SHE MAKES WHEN HE SEES HER.

question of the day:

has bobby done any other pop songs i should listen to? this is my first time hearing of him and I like him!

#NowPlaying: Good Boy by GD & Taeyang. That song. If you haven’t already, go listen to it. Just do it.


One thought on “HI SUHYUN “I’m Different” Music Video Review

  1. Well, Bobby was on “Win: Who Is Next” and “Mix & Match” so there’s a lot of songs from those shows that he’s in. He also won “Show Me the Money” p, so if you want some rapping from him you can check that show out! Most recently, he was featured in Masta Wu’s song “Come Here” which was really good!


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