BTS “Fire” Music Video Review

I’m finally back to my regular reviews! Oh how I missed these.

I can honestly say that this video completely took me by surprise.


This is one intense song. The beginning immediately pulls you in with the strong chant of “Fire” backed up by an energetic instrumental. The entire ending is such a burst of life and is the perfect ending to such an epic song.

fire4BTS has always been perfect at flawlessly mixing rap and singing, and this song is yet another example of that. I love that they switched things up with this song and had a portion of Rap Monster and J-Hope rapping together in the second set of verses.

I am docking the score because I find the bridge to disrupt the flow of the song. The instrumental behind Jin’s filtered voice gets a little too boyband for this type of song.

Score: 4.9/5


The boys of BTS are on fire and they spend the video showing just how much so in every way possible. I just love the whole concept of setting everything on fire, even people and airplanes. fire1The beginning sets the concept up in a really cool way. Initially, you don’t really know what’s happening when Suga approaches the hooded man. Even when he sets the guy on fire, there is a moment of confusion, but then the dance scene picks up an you know that it’s because they are on fire and untouchable.

The scenes with the stove are my favorite. fire5First they are ironing Jin to the beat – which is just so BTS – and then they are freaking out over fire coming out of a stove, the one place where fire is actually appropriate. It is funny moments like this that make them seem more real and not just trying to be cool.

Then the end is just epic. It is very reminiscent of Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang. As a grand finale, we see BTS dancing in a large room with some thirty backup dancers. The whole scene is just so grand and elaborate.


The explosion at the very end can be symbolic if you want to go there. Most videos that feature crowd-surfing at a show in the final scenes of a video convey the message of gratitude and a “we made it” feeling. When BTS adds a scene of the concert hall lighting on fire afterwards, it sends the message that it is not BTS’s privilege to have a concert, but rather the concert’s privilege to have BTS.

I have no complaints when it comes to the cinematography of the video, only appreciation.

Score: 5/5


fire6The wardrobe of this video is pretty decent. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole Hawaiian shirt thing going on, but they do go nicely with the sets. As a whole concept, everything looks pretty cool. They may not be particularly stylish or chic, but the outfits are representative of the characters BTS are trying to portray in this video: fire9young boys confidently living their lives and setting the place on fire.

My personal favorite outift would be Suga’s in the outdoor dance scene. fire3I can’t explain exactly why, but a t-shirt with sleeves and jeans suits him so well.

V’s backwards sunglasses in his video game scene is another one of those moments that is so BTS and makes him seem more real than the cool guy in a music video.

Score: 4/5


Okay, this is pretty amazing. The choreography is so fast-paced, perfectly matched with the pace of the song. It’s the dance that just keeps on going without break until the very end. I am just so utterly impressed at the quick movements that only intensify as the song picks up energy. fire7

There are some very unique choreography points in this dance, which makes it all the more impressive. That salt-shaker move in the beginning of the final chorus is the most intriguing. I don’t even understand what they are doing enough to even attempt to replicate it, but it looks so cool. The ability to make moves that don’t make sense look good is very reflective of a dancer’s talents.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I was so impressed with this comeback. this video is definitely tied with I Need U as my favorite BTS video so far. It is just so epic and full of energy. they’ve got a solid concept with moments here and there that make it stand out as unique and reflect who BTS is as a group. After a year of serious videos, I was very happy to find this fun one.

Overall Final Score: 4.7/5

Question of the Day:

What has been your favorite BTS comeback so far?

#NowPlaying: The Beat Goes On by Super Junior D&E. I have really been missing Donghae these past few weeks, but I’ve also been remembering just how much I loved D&E’s era last year. As I said in my EunHae Goodbye Post, they really went all out in the year before their enlistment and left us with so much to remember them by.

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4 thoughts on “BTS “Fire” Music Video Review

  1. I thought the choreography was very strong, and liked it just as much as I did their Dope dance. As for the song itself I found it slightly weaker, but cinematography made up for it. Also, Jin’s blond hair *o*


  2. I was waiting for your review! πŸ˜„
    Man, as soon as I saw the teaser for Fire, I was pumped like crazy. I was so excited to see the much awaited ‘fun concept’, which would be a change from all the emotion-heavy goodness we got previously.
    I love this song as much as I love Dope! πŸ˜™ It’s dance is really energetic and fun to watch, with some cool details that can be noticed if you look closely at the members at different parts of the song. Also, it’s enjoyable, funny, cool, and eye-candy all at the same time. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸ» I can’t stop myself from jamming to it each time I give it a listen.
    All the sets used in the MV, the cinematography, the choreography, the boys’ clothes, the song’s catchiness – they’re all awesome and all match up so well. I also liked how RapMon and J-Hope rapped together, it was a nice change! And I’m happy that V got a lot of lines, even if “bow wow wow” was the majority. πŸ˜† And man, that gas stove scene is my FAVOURITE part too! πŸ˜† It’s so BTS! Funny, unconventional and cool! V ironing Jin is another moment that made me laugh. πŸ˜‚
    “It is not BTS’s privilege to have a concert, but rather the concert’s privilege to have BTS.” That’s a really cool interpretation! πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŒπŸ» You should watch this video, it explains theories of the MV, and it’s really interesting:
    Coming to the boys themselves, Jungkook looks so mature and handsome, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. ❀️ And (my lovable bias) V looks amazing as usual, with that newly dyed orange hair and those contact lenses. 😍 (Have you seen his current red hair? It’s beautiful!) I think Jimin looks really nice with black hair. His dancing skills never fail to impress me, and his facial expressions are always on point. πŸ˜ƒ Jin’s blonde hair looks cool on him, a cool change of colour at last! Suga looks so attractive, especially in the beginning. I’m glad he got a lot of screen time. πŸ˜„
    Overall, I’m so happy with this comeback. It was really worth the wait. ❀️


    1. I thought of this comeback as like this era’s version of Dope. Both great songs, though I like this one a bit more πŸ™‚
      Girl, I just watched the MV for Save Me and died at V’s hair. Why did he not go red sooner?!


      1. I know right? His hair always looks so pretty~ ^^ A colour suits him. I’m waiting for Jungkook to dye his hair a cool colour too. :>


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