GOT7 “A” Music Video Review

GOT7 is getting their flirt on in this video!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of Pretty Little Liars when they revealed the title.


“A” is one of those classic Springtime K-pop songs that are really light, but enjoyable to listen to. The chorus is nice, and I really like Jr.’s lines in the beginning. The raps are not particularly attention-grabbing, and in my opinion Yugyeom’s lines right after the second chorus of “A” interrupt the beat of the song slightly, but overall it is a nice song. My only problem is that nothing really stands out for me as really interesting or worst listening to again.

So, it’s good, but not particularly amazing.

Score: 3.5/5


The video opens up with the GOT7 members walking into a shop and noticing A, the girl in which they are all interested. From the moment they see her, they spend the rest of the video serenading her, trying to impress her, and just flirting like a3crazy with her. Even after her shift ends, they follow her to the grocery store, and even though she tries to ignore them at first, she sometimes slips and gives them attention.

It is a really cute and entertaining story, but I don’t like how it doesn’t really have an ending. Only at the very end do we see A dancing along to their song at her work, which I don’t find very satisfying.

Even though the story abruptly stops halfway through the video, I do really enjoy all of the moments that are included. That grocery store scene is just the cutest!

Score: 3.5/5


a4GOT7 has mastered how to work a camera in this video. They all take on the character of single, flirty admirer perfectly. I found Youngjae to be especially charismatic in this video. Even though they are trying to capture the heart of “A”, they all flawlessly jump in and out of the story to capture the hearts of the viewers as well.

The camera work and editing is great in this video. Each shift from story scene to dance scene is timed perfectly. In the story scenes, I love how we follow A throughout her day, traveling alongside her as GOT7 follows her and us, winning over our hearts. All of the scenes are different, giving us something fresh to look at with every passing moment of the video. I really appreciate how colorful the sets are without being too overwhelming.

As I mentioned before, I don’t like how the story just stops halfway through the video, without a single reference until the very end, after the song is over. Why have a story at all? I personally think the video would have been fine without the story, but since they did include one, it would have been much better if they kept it going for the entire video.

Score: 4.5/5


I love how casual this video is. For most of the video, the members are dressed in a way where they are not trying to go over the top to impress A, but they are dressed nicely enough to look like cool, young, single guys. In contrast, the black and white outfits are great night-life looks. They all look ready for a simple date to the movies. They all look natural with their own styles and are dressed very appropriately for their roles.a5

Since they all changed their hairstyles for this comeback, I have to comment on it. For the most part, everything looks okay, but I’m really not a fan of Bambam’s, Mark’s, and Yugyeom’s new looks. Youngjae and Jr. look great though.

Score: 4/5


a2This dance grabbed my attention the moment I laid eyes on it. It is so bouncy and fun, just like the characters the members portray in the story. Just like the video, it’s really cute, but not in an overwhelming way. The chorus is perfect combination of teasing, suave, and cute. I love how they first tease the girl by pointing at her, then impress her with the cool sliding moves, then put their hands up in faa6ke innocence.

I love that they include Sunmi’s “24 Hours” move! It is a perfect addition considering the lyrics and it actually fits in really well with the rest of this dance.

Another one of my favorite moments is Yugyeom’s part right after the second chorus. I never really noticed it until I watched the dance practice, but it is really cool how they each copy Yugyeom and freeze at just the right moment.

I was really happy to see more of JB’s B-boy moves in the end of the video. I was beginning to think JJ Project JB and GOT7 JB were two different people!

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, even if this isn’t the most impressive and amazing video, it makes for a really good time. The members take on their characters so well and make me enjoy a song that I otherwise probably wouldn’t like at all. I’m glad we got to see a new image from GOT7 that is different from their first one, but still has that natural cuteness that makes GOT7 who they are. I don’t know how they do it, but with every video they just come out with this natural aegyo that is so different from the forced cuteness that so many K-pop singers try to do these days.

Overall Final Score: 4/5

Question of the Day:

Did you fall for them like I did? What did you think of this comeback? How do you think these K-pop rookies are doing?


5 thoughts on “GOT7 “A” Music Video Review

  1. My favourite part was when they each walked across with a trolley and then took the same shampoo as A.
    BamBam looked really good with his hair up when he was in the trolley!


  2. I loved it when they were hiding behind the restaurant menu. ^^
    I’m going to see them live in Germany in september! Soooo excited! 😀


  3. You analyzed it ok. But what I am thinking how come I missed this song last 4 year. It is very refreshing, and elevates our mood. Don’t you think that is what all of us need most.


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