B.A.P “1004(Angel)” Music Video Review

TS Entertainment finally knows what we like. Jongup/Zelo dances FTW!


This song is composing at its finest. I absolutely love the beginning all the way through the first chorus. It starts out slow and keeps increasing in pace to build momentum to the emotional chorus. The mark of a truly great song is if it progresses and tells a story. This song does it perfectly. It is a solid song, but changes slightly with every verse to keep the audience interested. You don’t even have to watch the video to get a story from the song.

Score: 5/5


Wow, talk about a story with layer after layer after layer. Someone watching this could see one story, a story within a story, or five different stories. Here is how I see it: Daehyun is in Angel’s dollhouse, reminiscing about their past love. As he looks through things in the house, he spins off the stories of the other B.A.P members and their relationships with their Angels. Zelo and Angel are at a carnival, but the Merry-Go-Round breaks and once it starts smoking, Zelo runs in to find rescue his Angel. Youngjae is also looking for Angel, but he wandering through a maze of mirrors. Jongup is blocked from Angel by a wall that he tries to smash down. Bang Yong Guk desperately searches for something buried in the ground.

While these four small stories are happening, Daehyun’s and Himchan’s stories happen simultaneously and within each other. Daehyun looks through the house, finding different objects that remind him of Angel. Finally, he finds a sand timer. At the same time, 10044Zelo, Youngjae, Jongup, and Bang Yong Guk find their own representations of Angel. Symbolically, it is as though Daehyun is turning back time so that these members can have another chance to recover his relationship with Angel, and while some of them are reunited with her (Jongup and Zelo), others are only left with the memory (Youngjae and Bang Yong Guk). In the midst of all of this, Himchan is watching a movie of memories of him and Angel. When it ends, Himchan finds a gun, apparently wanting to kill something. He first points the gun at the movie screen, then at the mirror. In the mirror, he sees a reflection of himself holding the gun to his head. In the end, Himchan pulls the trigger and the image in the mirror kills himself.

From what I see, Daehyun is inside Angel’s dollhouse, trying to find something to allow him to go back to her. The video tells the story of all six members and their struggle to find their loves. They could possibly be six different people, possibly from different time periods all undergoing the same problem, or they could all be six manifestations of the same person and his internal struggle with love. Either way, the way the video is put together is incredible. One story sparking four other stories, all intertwined in one another. The ending itself is incredibly powerful. I like that it is left somewhat open-ended. Who did Himchan want to kill? Himself? His past self? The memories of Angel? The suicidal thoughts themselves? And who is it who actually dies in the end?

Score: 4.5/5


10042It takes incredible cinematography to pull off a story like that without completely losing the audience. The way this video is crafted, down to the most subtle details is just unbelievable. As Daehyun finds specific things in the room, we are introduced to the scenes of the other members. When he finds a compact mirror, the scene flashes to Youngjae in a room full of mirrors. He finds a little rocking horse and we immediately see Zelo with Angel at a carousel. Daehyun even plays the movie that Himchan is watching in the very same room. There are even parallels from one story to another. Daehyun and Bang Yong Guk both search for something. Jongup and Youngjae both punch the wall, but while Youngjae is doing it in defeat, Jongup’s punch allows him to be reunited with Angel, just like Zelo in his story.

10041In addition to the arrangement of the scenes, the actual sets were pretty cool too. I like that carved into Jongup’s wall are wings, like an Angel. That final scene with Himchan and the mirror is so powerful. The camera angles during Jongup’s and Zelo’s dance and when Youngjae starts singing are really good in setting up a feel for the video. The way that the members act in their singing scenes versus their acting scenes are also incredibly well done. Even though both are done in the same physical room, their personas completely change. Youngjae’s pose when he first starts singing is perfect.

The first and last scenes in a video with a complex story like this are very important in knowing exactly what the point of the video is. This video started with Bang Yong Guk and ended with Himchan. While that final scene is very powerful, why is that at the very end? Since the video started with Bang Yong Guk, I thought his and Daehyun’s story would be the “main” plot of the story, but then it ends with Himchan which make me wonder who the main character of this story actually is. I also don’t quite like that the dance scene is in black and white.

Score: 4.5/5


Everyone looked really good in this video. I find the different hairstyles and outfits to suit each member perfectly. The different looks showed off each member’s individual style really well. The outfits also matched with the kind of scene the member had. I am not very happy however with the jacket they chose to give Bang Yong Guk. Of all of the jackets in the world, that one doesn’t quite fit the scene. Other than that, the wardrobe is perfect.

Score: 4.9/5


10043There are some really impressive aspects to this dance. Beginning the choreography with Jongup and then Jongup and Zelo is perfect. They are the main dancers, and they grab our attention right away with their inventive and powerful dance. I also really like the choreography of the second half of the chorus and the “Look at me now” part. It combines B.A.P’s warrior style with the beat of the song. The energy of this dance is so impressive. B.A.P has such power when they dance that is simply captivating. However, I wish there weren’t so many dull moments in the choreography where the members aren’t really doing anything. They are either doing amazing dance moves, or they aren’t doing anything.

(My score for this may change after the dance practice video comes out. I didn’t want to wait until then to post this review.)

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I am really impressed with this video. I wouldn’t have expected anything less of B.A.P, though. They have proven time and time again that they are capable of so much. I really hope we eventually get that dance practice video.

Overall Final Score: 4.7/5

Question of the Day:

There are so many ways to interpret this story. What did you guys get from it?


What are your thoughts?

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