#AtoZChallenge Day 7: GOT7 Turbulence in Chicago (Fanaccount)

G is for GOT7


Wow, it’s hard to believe this is my fourth one of these. I got into K-pop thinking I would never be able to see any of my favorite groups in person. Just look at how far we’ve come.

GOT7 held their Flight Log: Turbulence Fanmeet this past January in Chicago. It was their third time in Chicago, although it was my very first time attending one of their shows.

Note: The camera policy was pretty strict at this one, so the only videos I got were from my phone, which is significantly worse than my camera. 😦 So unless I state otherwise, none of the videos linked in this post are mine.

When they first came out, they sat in chairs and sang Let Me and Prove It.

First off: I instantly regretted not getting closer seats. They were so far away 😥 . I don’t know if my eyesight has gotten worse in the last year or what, but I could not make out anyone’s faces from the balcony. So for most of Let Me, I was just trying to figure out who was who, and then inform my cousin who just a couple hours prior didn’t know any of them except Jinyoung and Yugyeom.

Jackson sang the first lines in Prove It! I never realized before that it was him! That was such a surprise. I thought my ears were deceiving me when I heard him going at it.

DO YOU HEAR HOW LOUDLY YOUNGJAE WAS SINGING? Okay, let me just talk about Youngjae for a moment. Of all of the members, I was most excited to see him perform live because his voice is just amazing and his personality is so happy and cute. But then when they came out and performed these first couple of songs, he seemed so…subdued. Either he was sick or something had happened right before they came on stage to put him in a bad mood. After the show I was checking instagram, and he had actually posted earlier in the day that he was sick! BUT DESPITE THAT HE SANG THE BEST OUT OF ALL OF THEM. I’m so proud of him, but also really sad that he wasn’t feeling so well. I hope he’s better now and this tour isn’t too hard on him.

Member Intro

They did their typical intros. After Jinyoung introduced himself, Jackson goes “What’s his name?” and of course we all shout “Jinyoung!” And then Jinyoung smiled and thanked Jackson. It was so cute and also funny. They really want to make sure we’re all on the same page that he’s Jinyoung now.

Also, of course, Bambam dabbed. Not even half an hour into the show. Jackson goes “Bambam, you forgot to do something?” and we all knew what was coming.

Also once they started talking, Mark goes “You guys can sit down now,” which was cute.


They talked a little bit about being in Chicago after that. Jinyoung said that they went to one of the museums but couldn’t remember which one – which killed me, because I’ve actually been to all of Chicago’s main museums. It would have been so cool to know which one they went to. (For those who aren’t familiar, Chicago has an entire “museum campus.”)

Youngjae mentioned eating Chicago pizza, but besides that I was really surprised that they didn’t say the typical things that artists say about their experience in Chicago (e.g. the cold, The Bean, Sears Tower). It was a nice change.

Okay, guys. I didn’t think this would be the case, but Jackson is just as crazy in real life as he is in all of those shows and vines. Every other sentence uttered was him commenting something hilarious. I honestly did not expect myself to laugh as much as I did at this show.

During the Q&A, Jackson and Mark were the last ones to pick a question from the board, and there was this moment where Jackson whispered something in Mark’s ear, causing everyone to scream and fangirl. Then Bambam goes “We’re the only group that ships ourselves,” and they all start shouting their favorite GOT7 ships. Jackson mentioned Markjin and that’s when I knew that they actually pay attention to what we fans talk about online 😂.

One of the questions was what would they want to be if not singers, and Bambam said a Youtuber! That would be so perfect. I could totally see it, and you KNOW I would be watching him everyday. Then Youngjae said he would be a music therapist, which made me freak out because I’m studying to be a therapist. So Youngjae and I are basically co-workers 😉 . That’s so sweet of him though. And really creative. Ughhh my little psychologist heart ❤

After Q&A, they performed Boomx3.

It was at this point that I realized that I’m such a bad IGOT7. I love GOT7’s songs, especially their non-title tracks, but I don’t really know any of the songs from their Turbulence album. I think this was the first time I had listened Boomx3 from beginning to end. I have to say though, I loved the dance for this one the best out of the non-title tracks they performed. Except for Hard Carry, I think this was my favorite dance of the night.

They then went straight into Just Right.

>_< I. loved. this. performance.

Just Right is just such a cute song. I love it so much and it was so fun to sing along and watching them “mammammamma” all over the stage ❤ . I couldn’t stick with just one member to watch. I was just so all over the place with this one, but it was my favorite performance overall.

Next was game time. (My video)

For the first game, one second of a GOT7 song was played and the members had to guess which one it was. If they got it wrong, they had to do 5 aghases (squats while flapping their wings like a bird). Okay. This game was such a mess. Except for the last one, I’m pretty sure they got every single song wrong. It was hard though. I couldn’t name a single one myself.

They were so cute with the punishments though. They only had to do 5 squats, but there was a point where Jinyoung got it wrong and was just aghaseing for the whole rest of the round 😛 Youngjae was really cute too. He was so obedient when the MCs told him to do the aghase.

Then there was Bambam. For one of the rounds, he had his hand raised to say the answer, but no one was calling him so he was just marching around the stage shouting his name until someone noticed him.

Yugyeom ended up winning, so for the punishment, the rest of the members had to do gwiyomi for him. (My video)

Only a couple of them actually did the gwiyomi. Most of them were just doing aegyo, but it was still cute. I think this was my first time seeing a K-pop star do gwiyomi in real life, which made me way happier than it should have. Gwiyomi is my favorite aegyo trend ever (shoutout to my boy Ilhoon for jumpstarting the trend!)

The next game involved GOT7 bringing some fans onstage: (My video)

Okay. These boys are just so sweet. It was fun and funny, but what I remember the most was how sweet and encouraging they all were with their partners. For the Jegichagi part, Mark was coaching his partner during their practice time, and then during the actual contest they were all cheering for the partners even when they didn’t get very many hits. Bambam was all excited to be on a team and then realized he didn’t know his partner’s name. He then hilariously confused the name “Valerie” for “Battery.”

JB made his team name “Hanguk Saram” which literally means “Korean people” since the fan he brought up was Korean. (Sidenote: They were all so amazed that they found a Korean fan in Chicago. Little do they know that we have a ton of Koreans here.)

Freaking Bambam had a comment for every single team to come up, and they were all so stupidly cute.

When it was Jackson’s team’s turn, he goes up with his partner and proudly announced to everyone that his partner called him a sweetheart and then just stands there waiting for everyone to cheer for them.

In the end Yugyeom’s team won. Our maknae was two for two!

Following the games were their performances for Fly and If You Do.

Bro. I could not contain myself during If You Do. That’s my favorite of their singles. That’s the comeback that brought GOT7 into fangirling territory. They performed it PERFECTLY. The dance. Mark and Jackson’s joint rap in the middle. JB and Youngjae’s adlibs at the end.

From both of these two performances, I realized how good of a performer Jinyoung is. He does a lot of the vocals in Fly, which I never noticed before, and he is a pretty sharp dancer.

Then they did the Ending Ment, which was oh my gosh so sweet. Each member gave a little monologue of their time here, some in English and some in Korean with translation. It was so real though. You could tell they they were all speaking from their heart.

Jackson’s speech legit almost got me in tears. He talked about how times get stressful and tired, and that despite that he genuinely enjoys what he does and he is doing what he loves. He also talked about how much he really loves us, his IGOT7s as his fandom. Jackson is always full of jokes, but the sincerity with which he gave this message was so meaningful. He was really speaking from his heart.

Jinyoung surprised me by giving his ending speech completely in English! I think he ended up speaking English exclusively for the entire concert. I was so impressed. It was so good.

I was waiting, this whole concert, for Youngjae to bust out some English, and this was when he finally attempted it. He started to say something, and he was actually really trying but then got all shy, and asked for the translators to translate for him. He goes “Passion is still” instead of “You still have passion,” which is just the most innocent mistake ever.

Interestingly, I was surprised at Bambam’s English. Even though he is one of the “English speakers,” he stumbles with his English a lot more than I thought. Poor guy said a couple of times in his speech that he hoped we understood him and that he doesn’t know what he’s saying. It was really sweet, and I felt like I was seeing that baby Bambam from when they debuted again.

He also told us to “not look at another boy,” which made my cousin and I laugh. Hate to break it to you, Bam, but we’re both engaged.

Of course, they couldn’t leave without performing Hard Carry

This was another performance I was super excited for. It’s just an amazing dance. Amazing. In the music video, and live in concert.

Finally, they ended with Home Run. I wish someone from the upper level took a video of this, but all I can find uploaded are from the lower level. It would have been nice to get a wider view, because this was one of those performances where they were freely walking and there was stuff going on all over the stage. I can’t remember anything in particular about this one. It was just GOT7 and their Aghases chilling in our final moments together before they had to leave.

Some final remarks:

I once said that GOT7 was the flirtiest group in K-pop. Well, in person it was quite the opposite. With the exception of Bambam and Jackson, they were all so shy!! I did not expect that, especially from Yugyeom. Every time it was his turn to speak, he would give this shy little smile and then timidly say whatever he needed to say.

Also, Aghases are just the best. Friendliest fandom I’ve seen. My cousin and I were talking to some of the people in line and sitting around us and we were all just so happy to be seeing such a happy group. Even though it’s probably similar people attending all of these Chicago concerts, the vibe of this one was friendlier than the other three I’ve been to. We even made friends with the girl sitting in front of us and talked to her a little bit after the show.

In terms of the bias list, because you know that always gets messed up after concerts:

My cousin went into the show thinking Jinyoung was her bias followed by Yugyeom. By the end, she was a pretty solid Jackson/Yugyeom stan. She hasn’t really seen anything of them besides their music videos and performances, and like many people, Jackson’s personality won her over.

As for me, I went into it with Mark as my bias, followed closely by Youngjae. Now, it’s still the same, but the amount of love I have for Youngjae has skyrocketed and I’m also starting to like Jinyoung again. Youngjae though… even with their most recent release of Never Ever, I just fell apart whenever Youngjae appeared – even more than Mark.

Maybe it’s just a Youngjae Effect. The same thing happened with Yoo Youngjae after B.A.P’s concert.

That’s it for my fanaccount! I apologize if the beginning is more detailed than the end. Most of the post was written immediately after the show, but the last third of this post was written three months after the fact so my memory got a little foggy.

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  1. This was such a fun read! Glad to know you had fun, and got to meet GOT7. 😀 I wish I too can one day meet my favourite groups. 😧


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