#AtoZChallenge Day 2: BgA

B is for BgA


BgA is one of my favorite things to come from the internet. It is a parody K-pop group started by youtube channels Nigahiga and Wong Fu Productions. The group consists of Ryan Higa, Philip Wang, Justin Chon, David Choi, and Jun Sung Ahn.

I’m currently subscribed to Ryan, Phil, and Jun’s channels, but at one point, I was actually subscribed to all five of them. For as long as I’ve been watching youtube, I’ve known of all five of them. In fact, back in the Kevjumba days of Youtube, Ryan, Phil, Justin and David did quite a few collaborations.  Then as K-pop became more popular in mainstream Youtube, Jun started doing some collaborations with Wong Fu.

David, Ryan and Phil:

Justin and Phil:

Jun and Phil:

I love it partially from simply being a fan of all five guys, but also because they so perfectly capture several crucial aspects of what makes K-pop culture. They had photo and video teasers, member profiles and position assignments ahead of their debut, the music video featuring an upbeat song, English and Korean lyrics, several different sets, school uniform outfits, street outfits, and colorful outfits, choreography with a dance break in the middle of the song, the adlibs at the end of the song, then a making video, a dance practice, a dance version, a feature of some of the members on a couple Wong Fu shows (variety appearances), and the song was sold in the K-pop section of iTunes. To really make things official, I even reviewed their debut video on this blog.

They then had a comeback with a new song, a story incorporated in the video, and a hinting of one of the members leaving the group to go solo.

And whether this was on purpose or not, we even got a real ship going on between Jun and Justin, starting from the incidental moments during the making of their debut video and then purposefully highlighted in their comeback video. Honestly, the only thing missing is a live performance and a full album. Aside from that, they literally hit every single part of what makes a K-pop group.

They even included the concept of “foreign” members, with Phil being Chinese and Ryan being Japanese while the rest are Korean. They didn’t really highlight that part, but it’s still fun to  notice.

Also, since we’re treating them like a legit K-pop group: Guys, I’m so Justin-biased, it’s not even funny. Did you hear him singing in Who’s It Gonna Be?!!! He really is the T.O.P of the group, i.e. the one who doesn’t really try but is actually really talented. I’ve been a fan of his since Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. The fact that they included him in BgA made me so happy. It seems most people in the comments don’t know who he is, which is such a shame. If you’re not familiar with him, you really should check out his channel. He’s married, and his videos with his wife are just so cute.

Links to their other videos:

Question of the Day:

What were you most impressed with from BgA?

#NowPlaying: Animal by Jo Kwon. I’m bringing back an oldie but goodie! This song came out five years ago, and I still listen to it on a regular basis. Despite that, I just found out that J-Hope does the rap?!!!!! I am so mindblown right now. All this time, listening to the song, and never once making the connection. I always thought it was Jo Kwon and that his rapping voice just sounds different from his singing voice.

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One thought on “#AtoZChallenge Day 2: BgA

  1. Another group I love, BgA. My bias too is Justin! He’s just so hilarious yet sassy. 😉 I would’ve never imagined before BgA debuted that my favourite YouTuber, Ryan Higa, would one day become part of K-pop group. 😂 I’m glad BgA exists, it makes being a K-pop fan so much fun – by being a K-pooper. 😂👍🏻


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