#AtoZChallenge Day 1: Amber

A is for Amber


Amber has always been the one who keeps it real with us. In an industry in which maintaining the image of positivity and enthusiasm is so crucial, Amber has always maintained a level of transparency about her experience as a K-pop celebrity that has always felt so refreshing compared to other artists. She pokes fun at her own colleagues, references the silly things that she has to do to maintain that “image,” and talks about some of the struggles of being an American tomboy in a Korean girl group.

In some of her youtube videos, Amber talked about how even though she is signed to a company known to be pretty demanding of their artists, she is able to have a lot of free time to do what she wants and pursue her specific interests. When I heard stories about artists at SM being mistreated, I always assumed Amber was able to avoid all of that because of her independent personality and American upbringing.

Then over the past several months, she started sharing about her struggles via social media. And it broke my heart.

January 1st:


February 21st:


March 13th:


March 25th:


Amber was always the strong one. As an SM girl, I’ve been aware of the crap they put their artists through for years, but I always had hope that it wasn’t completely terrible because a sensible person like Amber has stayed strong, motivated, and happy while working with them.

Honestly, her recent posts scare me. And the fact that they came right after Henry’s first cries for help in years, tells me that something is very wrong.

December 31st:


“It’s tiring. I’m fed up. I can’t do it all by myself anymore. For the last nine years, it’s been a mistake. That place is too big now. [It] can’t support [me]. What should I do from now on?”


“I… Now, I think I only have my fans left. If you see this comment, please speak to our company on my behalf. They won’t listen to my words.”

I’m just mad. These two have put up with SM for YEARS, and they are still being treated like trash. I didn’t think anything like the Hangeng situation could ever happen again, but now I’m starting to question that. It’s just scary and I don’t know what’s happening. But something big is coming.

Question of the Day:

What do you make of Amber and Henry’s posts?

#NowPlaying: BeBe by Seo In Guk. This is my first time really giving Seo In Guk a chance, and I am IM.PRESSED.

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4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Day 1: Amber

  1. I’m so disheartened to know this. I was not aware that all of this was happening to Amber, because I’m not really active on social media. But man, this makes me sad. I love Amber. She’s one of the most unique artists I have ever seen. I really hope that she gets what she deserves, both in terms of respect, equal treatment, and creative freedom. And same goes for Henry. S.M. is really hurting these talented people, and as much as it is enraging me, it’s making me feel sad too. 😞
    On a side note, you’re hooked onto Seo In Guk TOO? I swear, BeBe is my first song of his as well, and like you said, I too am IMPRESSED. 😍 Too bad he enlisted just a while after I became a fan. However, I’m still gonna check out his other songs too! 😃
    (Your #NowPlaying is almost always coincidentally what’s hot on my own playlist. 😙)
    One more thing: Have you listened through Taeyeon’s new album, ‘My Voice’? It’s a lovely album! If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to ‘Love in Colour’. It’s such an indescribably beautiful song, it’s my favourite track of the album. ❤️


    1. Umaima… I LOVE Taeyeon’s album! I’ve been playing non-stop since reading your comment. I’m not even sure if I can choose one song as my favorite. “Life in Color” is indeed beautiful.

      Hmm. Now I’m considering writing a post about this album. There are just too many songs that I love. Thanks for the recommendation!


      1. Yessss! I can’t wait to read your album review! 😊❤️
        Um, it’s “Love in Colour”, not “Life in Colour”, Safiyyah. 😂 THAT song is by Beenzino, right?


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