Can’t Miss Songs and Dances of 2016

So we know what the best music videos of the year are, but what about those songs and dances that were left out of the mix? So often an artist will come out with an amazing song or dance, but no one remembers it because the music video wasn’t all that. That is where the idea behind this post came from. If you didn’t keep up with K-pop much this year, or you focus most on the big-name videos, then this list is for you.

Let’s start with the songs. I must say I’m impressed at what 2016 had for us. I raved about the song releases of 2015, and I would say that 2016 pretty much matched up with last year’s list. There were some really amazing songs released this past year. We also had quite a few successful collaborations this year.

The first five are in order, starting with “Apple Pie” as my favorite. After that I put the rest in alphabetical order. Here is the playlist, and below I have the songs listed out:

  1. FIESTAR – Apple Pie 
  2. Bada x Ryeowook – Cosmic 
  3. BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears 
  4. Jun Hyo Seong – Find Me 
  5. SISTAR X Giorgio Moroder – One More Day 

What really makes K-pop different from mainstream Western music is the dances. In K-pop, simply singing doesn’t cut it. To be a real success is to be able to perform truly amazing dances.

I am mixed when it comes to my impression of 2016. There were some really great dances, but the number of those I would call amazing is much smaller than it has been in the past. I’m not sure if my standards have just gotten higher or if this really was not so great of a year. I’ll admit, spending four years reviewing dances has made my standards pretty high, and unfortunately less and less impress me nowadays. Regardless, all of the dances on this list are really great.

I wanted to keep this list to 15, but I had such a hard time cutting certain dances out, so here are 20 dances for you. Same as with the songs, I’ll have my top five first and then the rest in alphabetical order:

  1. BTS – Fire 
  2. GOT7 – Hard Carry 
  3. NU’EST – Love Paint 
  4. Luna – Free Somebody
  5. Seventeen – Boom Boom 

And that’s a wrap for 2016! It’s been a rocky year, but rather than recall all of the bad things that happened, I like leaving it on this high note. Remembering all of the great moments K-pop had for us.

Thank you all for bearing with me this year and all of my inconsistent posting. Some changes are going to be happening next year. What those changes are, I’m not exactly sure yet. But expect a Personal Update post sometime in the near future once I figure it all out.

Happy 2017!

Question of the Day:

What were your Top 5 songs this year? What do you hope to see more of next year?

#NowPlaying: 21st Century Girls by BTS. This song was my anthem of 2016. I still get so happy and excited every time I hear it. It’s extremely catchy, but check out my dissection of the lyrics to understand why exactly this is such a special song.

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