VIXX “Fantasy” Music Video Review

VIXX raised the bar with this one. I was speechless for a long time, but I think I finally found the words to give this video justice.


From the vocals to the pacing to the instrumental, this song takes the listener into a whole other fantasy world – no pun intended. “Magestic” is the most fitting word I can find to describe the chorus, and the verses lead up to the intense chorus so perfectly. I absolutely love the repetition of “someone help” with the mysterious violin going in and out of the background, and then the choir vocals building up the excitement.

The adlibs are also so well done. That little “woah” that Leo does right before the second chorus is unexpected and sends chills down my spine. Of course all of the adlibs during the final chorus make for a perfect finale.

I want to give this song a perfect score, but I just don’t know what to make of the instrumental switch after the first chorus. That part sounds so good, but it does slightly break up the flow of the song.

Score: 4.9/5


fantasy32Intriguing. The story is intriguing to say the least. Here is what I hypothesize:

N sees a girl in the forest and feels moved to follow her. In trying to find her, he listens to both Hyuk and Hongbin, who give N different messages on what to do. Ken then tells N to go through a door to find her, but Hyuk knows that Ken and Hongbin are trying to trick N and tries to stop him. fantasy33
N goes through anyway, and ends up trapped in the underworld. Throughout the story, we see Leo following N’s storyline, though he is alone, indicating that his life is somehow linked to N’s, but in a different realm.

It’s mysterious. It’s open ended. It involves manipulation and betrayal. That ending scene in which Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk put masks on indicates that they all could possibly be working together to trap N and Leo, but the ending is vague enough for many different interpretations to be made. Sure, a few additional scenes here and there would have clarified things, but in general I think the story is interesting enough as is.

Score: 4.5/5


The cinematography is simply beautiful in this video. VIXX goes all out in taking the viewer into their fantasy world. The set of the various dance scenes are perfectly ominous and mysterious. That forest scene simply takes my breath away.

The alternating scenes featuring N and Leo set up the dual-world concept very well. While in one scene we see N go through his journey and run into the other members, in following scenes we are shown
Leo going through the same sets, though alone and in darker lighting. It is very clear by the end of the video that the two of them are linked in some way, the reason being a mystery to both the viewer and Leo.


My personal favorite part in this video is the emphasis put on the other members. fantasy45Hyuk and Hongbin alternately whispering in N’s ear is so haunting and shows right away that N will be manipulated over and over again in this video with no clear correct path. Then those small flashes toward the end of Ravi, Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk standing like statues and then putting on masks alludes to the idea that the entire video was some kind of twisted game of their own creation. For the first time in a while, I have absolutely zero complaints about the cinematography. Everything was put together really well.

Score: 5/5



The chain concept is really creative for this video’s wardrobe. The cross effect the chains create resemble knight’s armor in a way, going along well with the fantasy theme, but it is a little more sophisticated, which is where the VIXX quality comes in. I really love how each member has a bit of silver in his hair. fantasy4Even though they all have different hair styles, the silver unites them into one general “look.”
The outfits fit really well with the overall tone of the song and video. It is simple, but styled.

Points off for Ken’s outfit in the beginning forest scene. The hanging coat look suits a red carpet or fancy dinner, not adventures in the forest. Other than that, everything was very good.

Score: 4.5/5


In this choreography, VIXX are really one with the music. Every single movement correlates with a particular piece of the instrumental, even down to the pace that the members rise from the ground in the beginning.

There are so many breathtaking moments in this dance that I can’t go into each one, but here are some choice favorites:

The “someone help” lines leading up to the chorus in which the members in the front engage in quick actions while the members in the back hauntingly move side to side. fantasy26

All of the movement during the “It’s just a fantasy,” where VIXX’s torsos and legs go in different directions all in perfect synchronization.

The entire sequence after the first chorus where they are kneeling on the ground.

That amazing clawing move that they repeat twice, after the second and last chorus. It is so innovative and interesting, and really reflects just how much VIXX dives head first into a choreography piece, putting their entire bodies into it.


I can’t help but lose interest during that slow part leading up to the rap where they are all simply swaying from side to side, but that is literally the only part of this dance that isn’t perfect. All in all, I think this may be VIXX’s best dance to date – and that’s a big statement coming from someone who uses their Hyde choreography as my standard for a perfect dance.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall, this video just takes my breath away. It broke any standards I had for VIXX, and my standards for VIXX are always a bit higher than most groups. There were no weird risks taken with this video. They didn’t have any weird outfits or random unexplained scenes. A story and tone was set, and everything followed along with it to a T. In my opinion, this is VIXX’s best music video. I loved Voodoo Doll, but in every way that Voodoo Doll fell, this video picked up.

Overall Final Score: 4.8/5

I’m not sure if it’s too late, but Jellyfish Entertainment released a challenge that if the Fantasy music video reaches three million views, they will release a drama version of the music video. This is something I must see.

Sidenote: Ravi is the only member who’s role in the story I haven’t yet figured out. My theory is that he may be Hades, but I don’t really have any strong reasoning behind it. I also haven’t figured out yet how this video fits in with Dynamite, since they are both part of the same three-part series. Maybe everything will come together with the final Conception video? What do you all think?

Question of the Day:

This was part 2 of VIXX’s Conception project. How do you think this video and Dynamite fit together?

#NowPlaying: Born to Be Wild by Hyoyeon, Min & Jo Kwon. This was the SM Station release that I had been waiting for. Hyoyeon’s time to shine (finally), featuring a fun collaboration between SM and JYP. I love the song and dance. I wish this was a formal comeback rather than a small SM Station project.

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