30 Day Challenge: K-pop Groups

It’s bias time!

The majority of posts on this blog are reviews, critiques, and commentary. That’s all fun and good. However, sometimes I just want to break that pattern and go totally biased. That is where the idea for this next series of posts comes from!

I’ve seen a few of these “30 Day Challenge” posts going around Twitter and decided to try it out myself. Rather than share one photo a day on Twitter, why not do the whole challenge in one post on this blog?

This post will be following the “30 Day K-pop Challenge.” There are other variations of this challenge where you focus all of the pictures on just one bias – those will be coming in the future – but for this first post I’m going general and covering all of my favorite songs and artists. This will be pretty much all pictures and videos, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Here we go~

1: Favorite Boy Group

super junior2

Super Junior ❤ You know how hard it was to choose a picture?! I don’t think a single one exists of all 15 members of Super Junior (including Henry and Zhoumi), so I settled with this 9-member one. This was the era that I first discovered them in, back in 2010.

2: Favorite Girl Group


Girls’ Generation! My beautiful, talented ladies ❤

3: Your Male Ultimate Bias


Believe it or not, it still hasn’t changed after all these years. Super Junior’s one and only Lee Donghae.

4: Your Female Ultimate Bias


You don’t understand how much I love Ailee. You don’t.

5: Other Male Biases

Jung Joon Young, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, and VIXX’s Ken.

6. Other Female Biases

APink’s Bomi, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, and SISTAR’s Bora.

7. Favorite Song by Bias Boy Group

How am I supposed to pick just one?! That’s 11 years worth of songs! I can’t say this is my #1 favorite Suju song, but it’s the one I’ve been listening to the most recently and it’s pretty unknown since it’s only on their concert album:

So Cold [Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Henry]:

8. Favorite Song by Bias Girl Group

I like Ailee better than SNSD so… Don’t Touch Me by Ailee:

9. A K-pop Song that Makes You Cry/Sad

Promise by EXO. I cried the first time I heard it, probably also because the video behind it was really meaningful:

10. A K-pop Song that Makes You Happy/Smile

Spy by B.A.P. It was my favorite performance of theirs at the concert I went to, and now every time I listen to it I just get this huge smile on my face:

11. Favorite K-pop Dance

Hyde by VIXX. This dance practice video is how VIXX very initially came on my radar. The song is about a man struggling to keep in the evil version of himself, and the dance reflects that so well with all of the mask and mirror imagery:

12. Favorite Music Video by Male and Female Bias Groups

Growing Pains for Super Junior:

You Think for Girls’ Generation:

13. Favorite K-pop Music Video Of All Time

Melted by AKMU. It needs no introduction. Just appreciation.

14. First K-pop Song You Heard

Gee by SNSD:

15. A Group You Hate

Okay, I wouldn’t say “hate,” but I really don’t like TWICE. I’m sorry. I know all of Korea and abroad love them, but I just think they are grossly overrated. I am also not a fan of Stellar because of the overdone sexual references in their music videos.

In general don’t like using the word “hate” for anything, but the person who comes closest to that I’m not going to mention here. She is very loved by pretty much everyone and my hating her isn’t going to change anything. No need for that kind of negativity. Let’s move on.

16. An Idol You Wish Was Your Older Brother

Jung Joon Young or Super Junior’s Leeteuk. JJY just has such a fun personality that I would love in any kind of sibling relationship. And Leeteuk is just the ultimate big brother. So caring to the members of SuJu and everyone else in the industry.

17. An Idol You Wish Was Your Older Sister

SNSD’s Sooyoung, because I mean what is there not to like? She’s cute, confident, and seems more real than the majority of the industry. And SISTAR’s Bora because she has such a sweet, refreshing personality and seems so caring from what I see on variety shows.

18. An Idol You Wish Was Your Younger Brother


VIXX’s Hyuk because he is our cute , little Baby Hyogi who has grown so much since debut. While he has been ManHyuk-ing all over the place, I still can’t shake the cute little kid that he really is. I already feel like a proud older sister watching him grow both as a performer and a person.

I just have so much love for the babies of K-pop. I could go on and on with this one.

19. An Idol You Wish Was Your Younger Sister


Lee Hi. Look at her. She’s just so cute. And she doesn’t necessarily try to be cute. She just does her thing and that’s perfectly enough.

For the record, these sister questions were really hard because I found out that most of the K-pop girls I like are actually the same age as me! I guess that’s who I naturally gravitate towards.

20. Favorite Pictures Of Male Bias Groups

Super Junior:


21. Favorite Pictures of Female Bias Groups

First Ailee because she is the queen:

Next, Girls’ Generation:

22. Most Underrated K-pop Artist/Group Member

Yugyeom of GOT7. He is never one to be highlighted in GOT7’s singles or music videos, yet he has such a strong presence in their non-title tracks as well as the production of GOT7’s comebacks. He choreographed their dance for If You Do, and if you follow him on instagram you can see just how talented at dancing he is. He also has a beautiful singing voice that most K-pop fans don’t get to hear unless they look into GOT7’s less popular songs.

23. Favorite Cover by K-pop Artist of American/English Song

Ken’s cover of Rolling in the Deep by Adele. It gives me chills:

24. A Song You Never Get Tired of

Sugar Free by T-Ara. Literally never gets old.

25. Best Song to Dance to

Zero for Conduct by BASTARZ.It’s impossible to sit still while listening to this song.

26. Favorite Hairstyle on K-pop Guy Biases

Ken’s Error hair, Donghae’s Mr. Simple hair. If my bias has messily gelled up hair, I’m in.

27. Favorite Hairstyle on K-pop Girl Biases

Dalshabet’s Gaeun during B.B.B. 4Minute’s Jiyoon from Muzik. I love the stylish, short, brushed in the face hair on my female biases. *cries because neither of these two ladies are part of their groups anymore*

28. Favorite “Bromances”

Ken and Leo from VIXX (Keo) and Leeteuk and Heechul from Super Junior (Teukchul). Something about opposite personalities being super close just gets to me.

29. An Artist You Look Up to


B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk. He puts his heart and soul into producing music that is not only enjoyable to listen to, but has meaning and motivates people. At their concerts, he speaks in a way to motivate his fans to make a positive change in the world. Despite the fame, he still expresses such genuine gratitude and awe when B.A.P gains recognition. I just respect him so much.

30. The Idol With the Best Smile


Choi Youngjae of GOT7. He’s an angel.

 That’s it for this post! What did you think? Fun? Interesting? Too much?

Put some of your answers to these in the comments! I’d love to read them 😀

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One thought on “30 Day Challenge: K-pop Groups

  1. Hmm this almost makes me want to do this… It would be so hard though, especially the younger siblings ones, since I barely stan anyone at all who’s younger than me!


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