A (Short) Hiatus (Personal Update #8)

Hellooo everyone! Minnimonmon here with some quick news for you.


Yes, tomorrow marks the first day of the Islamic month of Ramadan. During this month, we Muslims fast from food and water from dawn until sunset.

If you’ve been following me for over a year, you know what comes next. Because Ramadan is a month for spiritual growth, I make the personal choice of additionally giving up music for the month so as to really focus on bettering myself spiritually, emotionally, and morally. And no music means no K-pop.  O_O

Yup, for the 30 days I will be taking a break from K-pop, and thus taking a break from this blog. Don’t worry; I’ll be back. Within the first couple weeks of July, once Ramadan is over, I plan to post a “June in Review” with some of the music videos that I will miss this month, but until then you won’t see anything from me on this blog.

I will definitely miss you all during this month. I won’t be absent from the internet altogether though. I will still be active on Twitter (@mystification86). Even if I’m fasting from music, I will still be checking up on all of the latest happenings in the K-pop world and tweeting about them. Fair warning though: unlike my blog, my Twitter is very subjective and that is where I let out all of my fangirling over Vixx and Super Junior. I do tweet about a lot of other things too, but I can’t help how much of Ken I sprinkle in between everything.

I will also be doing daily blog posts on my other blog, Islam on My Mind. There, I will be recording how my month is going, including how I am coping with the lack of food, staying away from my beloved music, or the spiritual and personal insights I make on my life throughout the month. It is very different from this blog, but it is very personal to me. If you were ever curious about what my “real” life is like, that is the place to go.

With that, I bid you all farewell for now. Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim followers, and I’ll see you all in a month! ❤



5 thoughts on “A (Short) Hiatus (Personal Update #8)

  1. Ramadan Mubarak to you too! 😊 I live in Kuwait, so today was our first day of Ramadan.
    I too do not listen to music during Ramadan, although I do stay updated regarding k-pop news. Staying away from k-pop and music does help me focus on Ramadan and my goals.
    I look forward to your Ramadan blogs, and here’s to a productive and satisfying Ramadan! 😃


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