AOA “Good Luck” Music Video Review

So I actually really like this mv by AOA. This is the first time that’s happened, so I figured it was blog-post worthy.


AOA almost always has some pretty catchy songs, and this one definitely fits the bill. It is a little cheerleader, but still has a mature style that gives the song a unique edge. The melody of the verses is one that I haven’t heard before but find so addicting.

I’m growing to really like Jimin as a rapper. She very easily fits the feminine image of AOA, but produces such solid raps that earns her position as main rapper of the group.

The instrumental of this song complements the song very well. During the chorus, there are only minimal instruments playing to make way for the chorus and to show off the beautiful harmony of the different voices of AOA. AOA always has really great harmony, and it is captured quite perfectly in the chorus and the final lines of the song.

Score: 4/5


As I was watching this, I couldn’t help but feel like something wasn’t right. Something about it seemed so unrealistic, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. Now I understand.
The video is trying to show a day in the life of an AOA lifeguard, but there are literally no other people in the world of this video besides the members of AOA. goodluckaoa4There isn’t anyone on the beach who they are saving, which makes them just look like pointless running. They get a call to go to some big party, but they are the only ones there. The producers were trying to make this video strike the viewer with “hey look at how cool they are” but then they forgot to hire other actors, making it look too fake.


goodluckaoa1To the director’s credit, they chose some beautiful locations to film this video. The beach and sunset look amazing. It was a really nice choice to have the first half of the video take place at twilight.
It is a perfect way to maintain AOA’s mature image without defaulting to a “sexy” concept.

Can we just pause and laugh about how the video is about a bunch of lifeguards but they forgot to take the “No lifeguard on duty” sign off?

Score: 3/5


goodluckaoa6I never thought I would be saying this about AOA, but I actually really like the wardrobe in this. The black outfits are really unique! Obviously if things were my way, the shorts would be a little longer (because come on, how is that different from underwear), but those cowboy frills give the shorts the illusion of being a skirt, which is so creative. It gives the whole outfit much more movement. Matched with the lace tops, I think the black concept is really beautiful. goodluckaoa5

The lifeguard outfits are alright. They are just swimsuits and shorts, but they are part of the concept so I can’t really give an opinion on whether they look good or not.

As far as hairstyles go, the member with the short blonde hair is my favorite by far. She is working her cut and looks absolutely stunning.

Score: 4.5/5


As a whole the dance is alright. There are a few moves here and there that I just love, while others I could do without.

goodluckaoa3That “girls girls on top” part is my favorite part of the dance. We know girls are delicate and attractive, but it is moments where girls show their tough side that just get to me. I also love the first “good luck” move that they do where they bend down and reach forward. It’s new, it’s unique, and it is one of the many examples in this dance in which the members move their bodies in ways that don’t quite make sense but look cool.

My only problem with this dance is that there is just too much booty waving. That is not dancing to me. That is just dangling meat in front of someone. There are also a few moments in this in which just a couple of members are doing moves different from everyone else, making the dance look slightly out of sync. While I do feel this group can be talented at dancing, I do feel they need to work on their unity as a dance group.

Score: 3/5

Overall, I was happy with this video. While it may not be perfect, the general feel of the song, dance, and video are nice. Like I said above, it’s rare that I like an AOA video, and I really like this one a lot. It’s just such a catchy song and the video complements it nicely.

Overall Final Score: 3.6/5

Question of the Day:

How does this song compare to AOA’s other songs?

#NowPlaying: 12:30 by BEAST. Because I’m still not over Hyunseung leaving the group and he shines so much in this song and dance. 😥 I’m debating whether or not to write an entire post about him leaving the group, because this is just hurting me so much. (For real though, check out that song and dance practice. It’s one of BEAST’s best.)

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