BTS “Save Me” – The Fangirl Version

Here it is. My first ever fangirl post for BTS. I don’t know how, but somewhere along the way from No More Dream to now, BTS entered fangirling territory. Objectively, I think everyone can agree that they have grown into some pretty incredible artists. For me personally, I have just fallen in love with every single member. I never expected to love so much a group in which the majority of members are younger than me, but I really did.

Enough sappiness. Let’s get to the good stuff. The following is everything that goes through my head as I watch BTS’s music video for Save Me.


Jimin!!!!! Look at him dramatically standing all alone with that backdrop!

*already dying*

saveme2rLook at these beautiful poses. Omg, this is gonna be a really artsy video isn’t it?

saveme3Waaahhh so dramatic! Sing it Jungkook!


saveme5Look at him. Look at that long hair brushing into his face. Look at the lines he is singing. Listen to that voice. Guys this is my bias. >_<


Is this what it feels like to have someone touch your heart and then crush it in their fist? How did this 4D crazy become so tender and elegant?



saveme8Why hello Mr. Blonde Handsome Hip Hop. Who are you and what did you do with our Flower Boy Jin?

saveme9Damn. This video is so beautiful.

saveme10Sing it, V! He’s getting so many lines!



The vocal line who way too often blends into the background. I absolutely love that we got a portion of the video focused on them.

saveme13Yes! We got all seven now!

saveme14Look at this beautiful, passionate dance. Oh my God Bangtan, how are you also a hip hop group?

saveme15 Damn, they are breaking it down!


Can you spell Bias-Wrecker? I swear, Suga just pops out of nowhere and steals my attention in every video.

saveme17Yessss J-hope breaking it down LIKE A BOSS!


I loooove the choreo during J-hope’s part ❤

saveme19Guys, remember when Babykook was a little 15 y/o in No More Dream? Now look at him, leading the group’s vocals in one of their most touching and passionate songs yet.

saveme20Have I mentioned how much I love Jimin’s outfit in this?

saveme21*snaps* “Back to me! I’m your bias, remember?”


My Tae is getting so many important lines in this song ❤

saveme23Seriously, who turned Jin into swag monster?


It’s hard to capture in pics, but this moment was so cool. Jungkook sparking them all to life.


Oh hey! Rapmon finally made an appearance!

saveme26Okay wait, I’m confused. Are they on a beach or in the desert?

saveme27Finallyyyyyy Rapmon’s turn!

saveme28Another unit dance! I love the concept of having this part done with three members. What would we call this combo? NamHopeMin?

saveme29“Thank you.” No, thank YOU, Rap Monster.

saveme30THIS DANCE. They are moving so in sync with one another, like a heart beating.

saveme31This moment is just so breathtaking. I would totally buy a poster of this screencap and hang it in my room.

saveme32Ugh, this is such a pretty background. How did they manage to find a place like this with the clouds and just the perfect amount of wind but no rain? Beautiful.

saveme33*pause to fangirl over Taehyung’s hair again*


I’ve never seen anyone fall so elegantly before.

saveme35Can I cry now? That was so beautiful. BTS, how?

Now let’s watch it all again!

BTS, what have you done to me? I was just your average girl, loving the groups that I loved and from the side appreciating BTS for the talent that they have so wonderfully shared with us since 2013. When did they start to have this effect on me?

Question of the Day:

What was your favorite part of this music video?

#NowPlaying: Baepsae by BTS. They finally performed this live and I just had to share it. Baepsae is one of my favorite BTS songs, and live performance was definitely worth the long wait.

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6 thoughts on “BTS “Save Me” – The Fangirl Version

  1. I loved every moment haha~ Well, for me, it’s a tie between TaeTae’s parts (because I love his soulful voice…it kills me every time) and Suga’s parts (especially his “Please save me tonight” because his rapping style and his voice are just so amazing & alluring & *squeals*)
    But for me, my favorite part of this song is the lyrics. They’re all so relatable and meaningful, especially during hard times *tear* But yeah~ haha
    I’m so happy to have found a fellow army~
    Wishing you the best,


  2. This article would have been even cooler if you made it into a video, but oh well, it was still a fun read. 🙂
    Anyway, I totally agree that BTS has become a very incredible group that deserves all the fame and appreciation it’s getting. I too have fallen in love with each member, and I can proudly say that BTS is my number one favourite k-pop group. ❤️
    Coming to the MV of Save Me, I liked how they made it a simple yet elegant dance video, to bring an end to the beautiful HYYH era. The dance is really intricate at many parts, gentle and smooth as well, and the members being tender and delicate adds to its soulful beauty. The song itself is so nice. 😊 And yes, the place they selected to shoot the MV is really pretty and has the perfect amount of gloominess required for the song.
    I’m so glad you agree that the dance during J-Hope’s part is awesome! 😃 I too love how cool and slightly cheeky it is. Also, I really like it when J-Hope sings a little during his raps. It’s not exactly singing, but it’s melodious rapping. He mixes both so well.
    Ah, it’s so cool that we share the same bias~ I absolutely fell in love with V’s red hair the moment I saw it in a live performance the same day they released this MV. 😍 He sings his parts so well, his vocal ability has become quite varied now. He can be rough and fierce, and gentle and soulful as well. I love his voice.
    Suga as well as Jungkook are my bias wreckers. 😙 Look at how handsome Kookie looks. He is my favourite vocalist of BTS. His personality and appearance are both so endearing. Such a talented little bunny. And Suga is well, the Swag Master with awesome fashion, whose raps are so honest and passionate (Did you hear that he cried during their recent Epilogue concert? Suga, the guy who never cried in public. I felt so bad. 😞)
    And finally, the ending is very nice, isn’t it? The way the gently fall down. ❤️
    My favourite parts of the MV are: 1) Whenever V sings his lines; 2) The dance from 1:30 to 1:42 – it’s just so cool and fast paced and really matches with that part of the song (I like the little kicking thing they do too. 😄); and 3) J-Hope’s rap part (his rap as well as the dancing that goes on).
    Thus, overall, I liked this MV and I am so happy that this era has been such a wonderful one. I look forward to all the ‘Boy Meets What’ awesomeness to come. 😚

    On a side note,
    OH MY GOD YES, I LOVE BAEBSAE~! 😃😃😃 It’s easily one of my top ten BTS songs. It’s such an epic song, sounds so gritty and rough, and the lyrics are so interesting and straight forward. All the members sound AWESOME, I especially love V, Suga and J-Hope’s parts. 😏👌🏻 (At first, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard V’s part, cause it sounded nothing like him! 😦 See what I mean when I say I love his varied vocal ability?) I saw the live version too, and the dance is as cool as the song, 👌🏻

    On another side note,
    Have you seen Monsta X’s comeback MV, ‘All in’? I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT. I’m so happy that they’ve finally made their comeback! The song, dance and MV are all so awesome~ I’m liking them more and more day by day. Could you do a review of it? Pretty please? 😁


    1. Haha you know way back I used to do reaction videos for this blog. I stopped b/c I don’t think anyone watched them. 😛

      I didn’t know that Suga cried! Aww I have to look up fancams now lol.

      Bro, V’s parts in Baepsae are so cool. It’s so… just out there, but I love it. I was listening to it all day today.

      Wow, Monsta X’s All In was quite a video. I’m gonna have to try to make sense of that story before I try to review it! I’m still considering a few different videos for my next review, so I’m not sure yet if I’ll do a full review of that or include it in my end of the month post.

      Thank you for your long comment! I loved reading it 😉


  3. I’m just new to all this K-Pop things… Okay…I’m old…like the kind of old that your children started to influenced your music taste….yeaah..that old….

    So..last year my daughter just started her middle school and she expands her crowd other that home…and she started to like eeerrr…love K-Pop especially BTS…and she forced me to listen ‘Bulletproof’.

    At first, I kinda thought that this pretty boys only dancing and not singing, and I have to listen to it everytime my children played their music. My all three children love BTS and they listen and watch all their MVs. I still didn’t think that their music worth to listen.

    Until a few month ago, I saw their Red Bullet Concert..and suddently I’am fangirling BTS (eeer…I think fanwomaning more suitable for me :-D)…They’re so good at singing and dancing and entertaining the audiences…. Gosh…..and after that, google become my buddy in finding all about BTS.

    Even now, when my daughter moves to EXO (but still loves BTS) and also Seventeen, iKon, NCTu, etc…(you named it)….I’m stuck to BTS….

    And when they’re comeback with ‘Fire’ and ‘Save Me’ …. I stumble upon your blog…and reading some of your review….

    Okay..I admit that I think I would never be the kind of KPop fan like you do (I mean, after reading some of your review, I know that you are really into KPop, while I’m just like what I like without really knowing why I like it.. do I make any sense to you?).

    Enough about my rambling…I just want you to know that your review really useful for me to understand more about KPop and I wish you keep on reviewing.

    PS. I don’t use english as first language, therefore…forgive my grammar. I hope you understand it..


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