#AtoZChallenge Day 26: ZE:A

Z is for ZE:A


Oh ZE:A. One of my underrated favorites.

Like KARA, ZE:A is one of those groups I never explicitly became a fan of, but they have always been there in the background of my K-pop journey.

They are one of those groups who have just always been there. Mazeltov was one of the first K-pop songs I added to my iPOD, Kevin was my first encounter with English-speaking K-pop singers, and their music video for The Day We Broke Up was one of the first mvs I ever reviewed on this blog. Even if I didn’t really like that video, the groups I started following back then always have a special place in my heart.

It’s funny because everyone knows members of ZE:A, like Kwanghee, Hyungsik and Dongjun, but they are known for their variety, not their actual group. And they are a very talented group. I would describe their sound as a mix between VIXX and Infinite. They have that spacey-feel of VIXX, with the lighter singing style that is reminiscent of some of Infinite’s older songs.

ZE:A are also really fantastic performers. Their comeback for The Ghost of the Wind really made me pay attention to them. You know how Kwanghee is known for being a diva on TV, made fun of as the singer who can’t really sing? Well, put him in the practice room with his group and he so effortlessly blends in with them as passionate and dedicated dancer.

They haven’t had a comeback as a group in about two years, and I really miss them. With Taehun and Minwoo (my bias!) in the military, I don’t know what the future holds for ZE:A. I do hope they return to the K-pop scene and people start to recognize just how talented they are.

Question of the Day:

Who is your favorite underrated artist?

#NowPlaying: Just Tonight by ZE:A-J. This is their most recent song release, and it is the first release of their Japanese subunit. I don’t really care for the music video, but the song is pretty decent! I’d love to see them perform this.

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What are your thoughts?

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