#AtoZChallenge Day 23: Wishes

W is for Wishes


We all have things we wish would happen in K-pop. Our dream subgroups, solos, reunion stages, and collaborations.

Below are some of my K-pop wishes~

VIXX Ken and Hyuk subunit

Can you just imagine the music video? It would be full of colors and silliness. Ken getting plenty of singing lines and Hyuk not having to fight anyone for the spotlight. If their special stage at their fanmeet is any indication of what a Hyuken subunit would look like, I’m fully onboard.

Although if Hongbin and Hyuk decided to do a subunit instead, I wouldn’t complaint 😉

Another G-Dragon Era

Because I just can’t get enough of Crayon and One of a Kind and Coup D’etat. YG, please bring GD back from the dungeons and give him another solo. The world needs one.

BTOB Subunits and Solo Projects

Remember that short year in which BTOB was my second favorite group? Back when Wow and 2nd Confession came out? I need that BTOB to come back. The ballads are nice, but their funky sound is what made me like them in the first place. And please Cube start making some subunits. Can you imagine the vocal line slaying a beautiful song? Or the rap line – who by the way could also carry a pretty good tune in terms of singing – taking over an entire music video? We need BTOB to start branching out.

Ailee and John Park Duet

I have been wishing for this for the past three years. Both John Park and Ailee have such rich voices that I think would complement each other so perfectly. Plus they both speak English, so they could totally do a song in either English or Korean. I actually have no idea where John Park is or what he is doing nowadays, but even if he came back just for this duet, I’d be happy.

2YOON Comeback

This was the subunit of 4Minute’s Jiyoon and Gayoon. They are 4Minute’s underrated vocal powerhouses, and they need to make an appearance again. Their debut as a subgroup was cute and fun, but I need something more serious from them. Please Cube, give these ladies some attention.

Super Junior Reunion Stage with Kibum

I understand that a reunion stage with Hangeng is pretty much impossible, but Kibum left the group all on good terms! They could totally do a little concert with him again. His departure from the group was so…empty. He just disappeared without a word, only to say he was formally withdrawing from the group years later. Come on Kibum, just give us one more show with your little raps and we won’t ask anything of you ever again.

Dance Stage with GOT7’s Yugyeom and B.A.P’s Zelo and Jongup

Of all the dancers in K-pop, these three seem to have a very similarly unique style. Yugyeom and Zelo are all about the long limbs wiggling around everywhere, and all three are amazing at freestyle footwork. Can you just imagine them tearing up the dance floor?

Super Junior ’83 Line Subunit

Okay, this has been needing to happen since 2005. Leeteuk and Heechul, Super Junior’s two eldest members, have been best buddies since Super Junior’s debut. We already got the EunHae subunit. It’s time for TeukChul to reign as bestie subunit! We did get a song by them on their last album, but I want a whole performance. Their chemistry is too good.

More Male/Female Duets

Lately there have been a lot of really great male/female duets, and I am itching for more! Xiumin and Jimin, Eric Nam and Wendy, Park Kyung and Park Boram. Keep ’em coming! It’s such a refreshing change.

Question of the Day:

What are some of your K-pop dreams?

#NowPlaying: U by John Park. This was one of my favorite songs and music videos from 2013. John Park has such an amazing voice, and I wish he would come back.


One thought on “#AtoZChallenge Day 23: Wishes

  1. Yes! G-D’s solo comeback is what I too wish for! 😃✨ And I agree with more male-female duets, they are really cool. 😊
    My other k-pop wishes are:
    • A collaboration song by G-D and Jungkook – Kookie really looks up to G-D. ☺️
    • Another collaboration song by D.O. and Jungkook – They’re my favourite k-pop vocalists! ❤️
    • BTS and EXO collaborating – I know it sounds impossible, but my two bias groups need to do something together! Anything! Even a joint live performance will do!
    • More awesome songs from NCT, similar to “The 7th Sense”.


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