#AtoZChallenge Day 18: Royal Pirates

R is for Royal Pirates


Okay, this was another VIXX situation. Out of nowhere, within a matter of days I went from moderately liking RP to intensely loving them and considering them among my bias groups. I completely fell for their 3.3 album and the music video for Run Away.

Let’s go through my bias list, shall we? Like with GOT7, this list goes from least to most favorite.



Formerly named Sooyoon, Exsy is the drummer of the group and also one of the founding members of the group. From what I’ve seen in interviews, Exsy seems to be the quietest member of the group. Despite that, he also seems to have the most unique style of the members. For their recent comeback, he was sporting a rainbow mohawk, and was doing so surprisingly well. Even though he seems like such a sweet person, when it comes to music, this edgy persona just pops out in the coolest way.



James started out as the bassist for the group, but after a wrist injury has now moved to keyboard. He is my favorite personality in the group. He is very good friends with the K-pop English-speaking crew, and as a guest on After School Club has shown just how sweet of a personality he has. He is fun and joking like everyone else, but there is also a genuineness in him that is rare to find in celebrities. He used to be my bias until their Run Away promotions.



My bias of RP 🙂 Moon is the main vocalist, guitarist, and other founding member of RP. He is one incredible singer, with so much versatility in his voice. Of all of the members, he seems to be the one I feel I can relate to the most based on how he speaks. His passion when the group performs Run Away just takes me breath away and I couldn’t help but become captivated by his stage presence.

Finally, he isn’t a permanent member of RP, but he has become what I guess you would call my bias of the group…



Okay first, just take in the hair. Second, watch his intensity in their live performances. Enik helped with the production of RP’s 3.3 album and played keyboard and guitar for them during their promotions of Run Away and Dangerous. He also attended some music shows and interviews with them, and sort of became a guest member of the group for the past year. Like all of the members, he is very talented as a musician, and also just a really cool guy offstage. I grew so attached to him for these past few months and part of me is still in denial that he isn’t a permanent member of the group. He is actually part of his own band, called IAMMEDIC.

If you haven’t already, I really recommend checking out RP. K-pop bands are so rare, and they are just so good at what they do. If you want to get to know more about them as a group, I highly recommend watching their segments on After School Club. They are a really fun group.

Question of the Day:

Are you an RP fan? What is your favorite song by them?

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What are your thoughts?

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