#AtoZChallenge Day 17: Quick Reminder About Me

Q is for Quick Reminder about Me


Something I want you all to know and remember about me: I’m Muslim.

Yes, this is a blog for K-pop, but remember that there is a person behind the screen typing all of these words. A person who lives in the same world that you do. So if you will allow me the one post to bring the real world into this, I would love if you heard me out, because this is very important to me.

It’s a scary thing to live in the world with all of this atrocious and violent stuff going on. But it’s a different kind of fear to live in it as a Muslim. We too fear the violent people, but lately there has also been the fear that the rational people of the world will turn against us because they think we are those violent people. We fear our enemies, but some of us have started to fear our friends as well.

I just want you all to know who I am. When you hear about “Muslims” and “Islam” on TV or the internet, think about me, your dedicated Kpop-loving writer. See how much love I have in my heart. There isn’t this hate that so many people in my country want you to believe that I have. I genuinely love all of you for following this blog, regardless of what faith you have or where you’re from. Honestly, I am so touched that you have dedicated whatever part of your day to read what I have to say. Even if for whatever reason you don’t believe me when I say that, at least pay attention to the love I have for our K-pop stars. This blog is so full of love, and it’s written by a pretty religious Muslim.

It’s true that the people who do some of these terrible things we hear about around the world have some hate in their heart. It’s either that or a chemical imbalance in their head, and we all have to remember that the crime itself won’t tell us which one it is. The hate or imbalance has masked whatever true Islam was ever there. Please remember that. When non-Muslims try to tell you how Muslims are, remember the words your actual Muslim friend told you right here.

I really do love you all and I hope my words, as your fellow K-popper, mean more than the words of the people you see on TV.

I’ll see you tomorrow with more K-pop love. ❤

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2 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Day 17: Quick Reminder About Me

  1. Fun you post this now: just yesterday I was thinking about you and your religion! More exactly, for a brief moment I found myself thinking about these recent disasters we always hear about in the media, and I thought of you too. I just remembered that most Muslims were like you. So uhm yeah, this feels weird to say but you’re doing a great job here. I was even stalking your other blog a while ago, while I was in a difficult situation with my own faith (I’m a pretty devout Christian), and it sort of gave me the strength I needed. So… Thanks I guess?


    1. Oh wow, thank you! It’s definitely also on me to remember that most non-Muslims are reasonable people who don’t see Muslims as a threat. I hope you are able to find what you need to push through 🙂


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