#AtoZChallenge Day 14: New Groups

N is for New Groups



Above is a list of all of the groups that debuted in 2015. Of all of those groups, VIXX LR is the only one in which I know all of the members’ names.

It’s getting to be too much. Maybe I’m just getting old, but it has gotten harder and harder for me to keep up with so many groups. In the past three years, my knowledge of K-pop groups and the names of all of the various members has skyrocketed due to my coverage of so many new music videos. However in the last year, debuts and comebacks got to be so frequent that I actually missed quite a few of them.

Of all of the new groups that debuted in the last year, the ones that caught my eye are Seventeen, Monsta X, Twice, DAY6, A6P and iKON. Of those groups, iKON and Seventeen are the only ones that I would be able to recognize in a picture, and even then I still don’t know all of their names. Heck, I’m still trying to catch up with Red Velvet and Sonamoo and they debuted in 2014.

When SM announced that they’re debuting a new season of groups, I was more overwhelmed than anything else about the news. The idea of NCT already seems shady, and because I simply did not have the brain capacity to start following yet another group, I was adamant about staying away from NCT.

Then because I needed a new video to review for this blog, I decided to check out their debut video.

Within the first ten seconds I was captivated. By the end of that same day, I had all of the members’ names memorized and I had chosen a bias. Despite becoming very multi-fandom, it looks like I’m still truly an SM girl at heart.

NCT U is the only group from 2016 that I’ve gotten into. A lot of the people I follow on Twitter seem to really like ASTRO, but their video didn’t impress me all that much. Because of the insane influx of new groups, my criteria now for jumping into a new fandom is no longer if their talent seems decent. The debut video has to really wow me. It has to show me that this group is worth adding to my unending list of bias groups because they are just as good if not better than the groups I already like.

Question of the Day:

What new groups have caught your eye recently?

#NowPlaying: Rock by Seventeen. One of my favorite songs by them.

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One thought on “#AtoZChallenge Day 14: New Groups

  1. New groups are honestly a lot. I don’t know how, but they need to stoop xD
    But since that list seems to be pretty complete, may I just suggest you give Awesomebaby a chance? Shameless promoting of my unknown babies here. I love them. Also VAV Under The Moonlight… is probably one of the most hilariously bad MVs I have ever seen, just thought it was worth mentioning.
    As for NCT U and Astro, I didn’t like either. KNK is the only 2016 rookie who managed to actually impress me.


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