#AtoZChallenge Day 12: Lookalikes

L is for Lookalikes


Last year I wrote a post about Return of Superman Lookalikes. I found K-pop stars who remind me of each of the Song Triplets. Since then, I’ve realized that some of parents also remind me a lot of various K-pop stars.

As I watch Return of Superman, I notice many instances in which I can see how current younger stars would be like as parents. Lee Hwijae was the first one to give me this idea. Whenever I see him with his sons, Seoeon and Seojun, I am reminded of one person: Eunhyuk of Super Junior.

I think it’s just Hwijae’s humor and attitude that reminds me of Eunhyuk. While admitting to be the coolest parent in the world, he freezes when that image fails and he’s faced with a crisis with his kids, like the video above. He goes from trying his best to look cool to becoming a complete dork, in a way only Eunhyuk does.

Lee Dongguk, one of the newer dads on the show, has started reminding me of VIXX’s Hongbin.

He’s so enthusiastic with his kids, sometimes so much so that he seems more excited than his kids. While he is generally pretty good at running after five kids, sometimes it is the most obvious of things that he overlooks, causing disaster like the one in the video above. The way Dongguk just freezes, and then takes several moments to simple laugh at himself before solving the problem is so much like Hongbin. I can totally imagine Hongbin with a kid, forgetting some obvious rule, and only being able to stare at the problem in disbelief when something does come up.

Finally, he isn’t a Superman dad, but comedian Haha has always reminded me of an older VIXX’s Ravi.

Haha’s deep voice and long face shape are both similar to Ravi. There is also this shyness that I see both of them having. While Haha is a comedian and Ravi is a confident rapper, for both of them, when they are teased about something, they melt into shy grins and laughs of disbelief. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees this similarity.

I’m sure there are more lookalikes out there, but these are the three that stand out most in my mind now.

I’ll leave you with one of the iconic clips of Super Junior history: Leeteuk and Eunhyuk babysitting quintuplet babies. Eunhyuk’s way of soothing one of the babies is hilarious, and definitely something I can see Lee Hwijae doing:

Question of the Day:

Is there anyone in Korean Entertainment who you see as older versions of current K-pop stars?

#NowPlaying: Don’t Wake Me Up by Super Junior D&E. This was the duo’s special track on Super Junior’s most recent 10th anniversary album.

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