#AtoZChallenge Day 11: KARA Appreciation Post

K is for KARA


The moment news broke out that KARA was disbanding, I knew this post had to be made. I have only mentioned KARA a couple of times on this blog, but they are such an underrated part of K-pop history that I along with so many others haven’t given enough thought.

Back around 2010 and 2011, KARA was like the SISTAR and Red Velvet of today. Their music was everywhere. They had the classic girl group songs that everyone loved referencing and dancing to. For so many of my early K-pop memories, KARA was often playing in the background.

I think Mr was KARA’s most popular song back in the day, and my personal favorite KARA song. I actually became aware of this song not from watching the music video, but seeing countless boy groups do silly covers of the dance. It’s one of those iconic songs that I will always remember from K-pop

The second most iconic KARA song would have to be Step. This is another song I associate with the 2010/2011 era of K-pop. This song was just everywhere. It’s the quintessential dance song.

Damaged Lady was when I realized that KARA just produces hit after hit. This song and MV brought such a pretty classiness, but with an edge.

Mamma Mia is one of the best examples of KARA as a dance group. They truly are capable of complicated dance moves and formations. This was also yet another incredibly catchy song.

KARA really was such a great group. Someone on Twitter recently said that newer K-pop fans would see them as unsuccessful, because in recent years they have been pretty overshadowed by newer groups. In their day though, they were one of the girl groups on top. This post is nothing more than a tribute to an amazing group who sadly has closed their chapter in history.

I end with a song that, believe it or not, I heard for the first time today. It’s one of their older songs, but I swear if this song came out today it would go straight to the top.

Question of the Day:

This is a KARA commemoration post. What is your favorite moment of KARA history?

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