#AtoZChallenge Day 10: Jessi

J is for Jessi


It is rare, and I mean rare for me to find a female celebrity whom I admire, whether it be in K-pop or mainstream popular culture. Too often they have something really good and admirable about them, but in paving their way to fame, they broke some moral that I believe should be kept sacred.

So when I do find someone to admire, it’s a big deal for me. Someone who is strong, talented, and unafraid to be themselves without having to put on a sexual show to demand attention. That is who I look for in a role model.

Ailee is that person, and has been that person for most of her career, but lately I’ve found another woman to add to the list.

Jessi. Singer and rapper from Lucky J as well as a competent rapper and soloist.

I already liked her personality from watching After School Club. She is sweet, caring, but also realistic and honest when giving young people legitimate advice. She has a set of values that she is transparent about.

Then I saw her as an artist and was simply blown away.

This girl is an amazing rapper. Oh. My. God. Fierce, confident, stylistically talented. She totally abandons that fake “happiness” that is plastered on the face and in the voices of so many K-pop females and fully lets her voice demonstrate her excellence at performing.

She slays. Period. If you don’t know Jessi, get to know her. Watch her rap. Listen to her sing. Bring her out from under the shadows.

Question of the Day:

Anyone else a fan of Jessi? What do you like best about her?

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What are your thoughts?

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