#AtoZChallenge Day 9: IU Favorites

I is for IU Favorites


I don’t think I ever talk about IU on this blog. I’ll be honest; I don’t really follow her. She just isn’t on my radar. Back when she first debuted, I wasn’t into her music, so decided to just put my energy into other artists.

Recently however, I was looking for new songs to listen to, and I happened to stumble upon one of IU’s albums. I listened to both Modern Times and Cat-shire, and I found myself surprised and impressed. She has some pretty decent songs! Allow me to share a few of my favorites:


Talk about soothing. I could lullaby myself to sleep with this one.


I love the pace of this song. It’s slow, but picks up at certain places that almost makes it sound teasing to the listener. This is a fun one to sing along to.


This song appeals to my funky side. There is just so much character and life in this song.


This was the first song by IU that I ever really liked. I wrote a little blurb about it back in the day, and I wanted to bring it back today and give it some more love. ^_^


This was IU’s most recent comeback. I instantly loved it. It has that cute, innocent IU sound, but with a little sass.

Maybe it was just a matter of me coming around, but now I totally love IU and can’t wait for her next album.

Question of the Day:

Any IU fans out there? How do you think she has grown since her debut?

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One thought on “#AtoZChallenge Day 9: IU Favorites

  1. I also only recently rediscovered IU! I mean, I was kind of “ehh” with IU for a while, but after listening to Chat-shire recently, I’ve gotten into IU more.
    I really like IU’s 23, and it’s also one of my favorites. I feel like it’s also a really relatable song, especially with the sass and all her responses to haters. It also expresses the doubts that I sometimes have, along with how I’m uncertain of what I want to do.


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