#AtoZChallenge Day 8: Hyuk

H is for Hyuk


It’s inevitable. I can’t do an A to Z challenge without dedicating a post to a VIXX member. First Ken, then N, then N again, then Hongbin, and now VIXX’s maknae: Hyuk.

One of the coolest things about entertainment is seeing how an artist grows. With some kids debuting at such young ages, it is inevitable to see drastic changes in who they are, how they look, and how they sing over the course of just a few years. This happened to
Taemin of SHINee, Bambam of GOT7, and now Hyuk of VIXX.

hyukkLet’s go back to 2012. Back during the myDOL days when the VIXX members were just trainees. It was during this show that the boys had essentially met Hyuk for the first time. He was both the newest and the youngest, and like any new kid, he was extremely timid and quiet. During their first months of debut, Hyuk was still clearly the baby of the group, both one to be picked on, but also one to be taken care of.

When they first debuted, Hyuk did not get one solid line in their debut song. For several singles after that, he was not given a substantial part of the song, and whether it was a cause or result of this, Hyuk was clearly not a confident singer.

Then something changed. Whether someone gave him a chance, or he realized he was finally over the bump of puberty that affected his voice, with the release of Eternity, Hyuk simply blossomed.


He got more lines in songs, he started singing with more confidence, and he simply became a more captivating performer onstage.

The single moment in which I realized that Hyuk had finally bloomed was his performance of Memory at VIXX’s Hex Sign show:

Not only has he become more confident as a singer, but he has really grown physically. If you see him next to the VIXX members, he literally looks like a giant.


Through his development, Hyuk went from being someone I only found amusing to my now second bias and total bias-wrecker. I still can’t get over how much he has matured in only four years.

Question of the Day:

Who has been your favorite transformation in K-pop?

#NowPlaying: Can’t Say by VIXX. Hyuk’s voice shines really nicely in this song. He’s become my favorite vocalist in the group.

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