#AtoZChallenge Day 7: GOT7

G is for GOT7


It takes a lot for me to call a group one of my favorites. I have a standard that I won’t start really stanning a group until they have released at least three singles. Even if I’ve established that I like their music style, it takes even longer for me to start learning about the members and looking for videos and shows beyond what is released on their official channel.

GOT7 was different though. I can honestly say that I have really liked them since their debut. I guess I was a fan of part of them before they even debuted, because I was a huge fan of JJ Project. GOT7 are now one of the few groups I regularly talk about online and watch videos of. Their music has been almost always consistently good, but this is one group who I am more interested in the actual members than the music they produce.

Two years ago, I wrote a post ranking each member of GOT7 on my bias list, and interestingly that has been one of my most popular posts on this blog. For this year’s “G” post, I’m going to be doing that again. I have gotten to know the members of GOT7 a lot more since that first post, and because of that, my bias list has changed quite dramatically. The following list is in reverse order, starting with #7 and ending with my bias.



I always feel bad putting JB lower on the list, because he was my favorite when it was just him and Junior in JJ Project. I still like him a lot, but someone has to be last. I honestly feel like he was better suited for a duo group rather than the leader of a bigger group. Being the “leader” has given him this dad or grandpa persona that just makes him much dryer of a character, similar to Suho of EXO. Both of them are really interesting people, but because they have been put in the role of the nagging person in charge, they don’t have as much of that youthful fun that the other members offer, at least to me.



Honestly, with each comeback my impression of Yugyeom gets better and better. When they first debuted, Yugyeom didn’t stand out at all for me, but nowadays I find myself impressed with him over and over again. He is both a great singer and incredible dancer. I love how he can be the maknae of the group yet be their choreographer and take the lead in singing a lot of their songs’ verses.



Junior is like an old friend. You love him – you always have – and despite him changing, you still can’t help but love him for who he is becoming. Of all of the members of GOT7, Junior’s voice is the most captivating for me. Not all of their songs do him justice, but a select few give him lines that really make him shine. He also has such a funny kind of sass. He is so quiet, but out of nowhere he’ll come out with these smart little comments, like when he totally schooled a fan in the language of respect.



I am so happy that Jackson exists. That’s not an odd thing to say, right? His personality is just so refreshing, and always entertaining. On the one hand, he is hilarious, crazy, and just out there. On the other hand, he has this loyalty, love and innocence that is just so precious. If you want an example of this kid’s personality, check out the Jackson Being Extra twitter page. That is my current favorite fan page.



Ah Bambam. He was the bias back in the beginning, and now he’s down to #3. At debut, Bambam was a cutie – as in little kid cutie. Over the past two years, the boy has definitely gone through puberty, and is almost unrecognizable now compared to the little kid who made his TV debut on ASC, both visually and in personality. While I find it amazing what a little man he’s becoming, unfortunately a huge reason why he was my bias at the time was because of his childish cuteness. He’s still very solidly at number 3, and sometimes infringes on number 2, because he is maturing so nicely (and hilariously), but I do miss the cuteness.



This has been such a surprise. Remember when Youngjae was in the bottom half of my list? Now without me even noticing he jumped up to #2. Youngjae is such a ray of sunshine. He is always laughing or smiling or hugging someone. It means so much to me when an artist is genuine, and Youngjae seems sincere and genuine in everything he does. When he laughs, he really is having the time of his life. When he gives words of support to others, he means what he says. He is so precious and innocent, yet when you give him the floor to practice his English, he really goes all out in the most hilarious way (although lately he’s gotten surprisingly good). And I’ve said this before, but he has such an amazing voice. He is my favorite vocalist in GOT7 (closely followed by Junior).



No human is perfect, but Mark has gotten pretty much as close as any K-pop star I’ve seen so far. Visually, discussion isn’t even needed. In terms of singing, rapping, and dancing, he has his own style that I just love so much. Then there’s his personality. The way I feel about Mark is similar to how I feel about Eric Nam; I just feel like we would get along so well. With Mark however, it’s on a much larger scale. He is on the quieter side, so not as obnoxious as some of his fellow group members, but when he’s excited about something, he really shows it. I think if I were to have an “ideal type,” Mark would fit it best.

Even though I did rank them in an order, just know that this was extremely difficult for me to do. I knew my top and bottom, but everyone in the middle was just one big mess. I love them so equally. This really is such a great group of people, who have amazing dynamic with each other. They are always so much fun to watch.

Question of the Day:

Who is your bias in GOT7?

#NowPlaying: Beggin on My Knees by GOT7. My favorite song from their newest album. I think this is one of their best songs to date.

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