#AtoZChallenge Day 2: Beautiful Liar

B is for Beautiful Liar


VIXX’s first subunit, VIXX LR, produced one of my favorite albums of 2015: Beautiful Liar. The creation of the subunit alone was enough to get me excited, but the album that they ended up coming out with was much more that I would ever have expected from VIXX.

First, we must give credit where credit is due. Every single song on this album was written and composed by both Leo and Ravi themselves. For years Ravi has been writing hit after hit for VIXX, but with this album he definitely showed us a much more mature and refined side to his work. After one special song for their first tour, this was Leo’s second time showing us his writing and composing skills, and I find myself nothing short from impressed. They both did such a terrific job. Let’s go through the track list, shall we?

Beautiful Liar

Written and composed by Ravi. This song is so beautiful. The whole comeback was pretty incredible. The music video and song are by far VIXX’s most mature productions to date. If you want to read more about this song, check out my review of the music video. I still can’t get over LR’s chemistry in this song. For the two most different voices in VIXX, they sound so good together.


Written and composed by Ravi. Of all the songs on this album, I would say this is my least favorite. It is still a pretty solid song. It just doesn’t blow my mind like the other songs on this album.

할 말 (Words to Say)

Written and composed by Leo. This is his solo track on the album. The first time I heard this, I was literally speechless by the end. Leo just takes my breath away every single time I listen to this song. It is so passionate. A lot of this song reminds me of some epic OST. (And like the super biased person I am, I can totally see where Ken’s voice would fit in if they ever performed this song as a duet.)


Written and composed by Ravi. This is his solo track on the album. I was almost more excited for the release of this song than for the title track. Ravi just takes over everything with this energetic rap song. It is loud, fast, and aggressive – all of the things I so shamelessly love in music.

My Light

Written by Leo and Ravi, composed by Leo. This song was written for VIXX’s fans, their Starlights. It is the only song on the album sung by all of the VIXX members, which I think really cute of them to include. My favorite part about this song is Ravi’s rap. In his poetic mastery, he manages to include references to all of VIXX’s singles in one single rap. While the rest of the song is great, I really listen to this mostly for that part alone.

VIXX LR was such a nice surprise. If I were to rank all of the VIXX members in order of preference, Leo and Ravi would actually be my bottom two. Despite that, I loved this subunit project more than most of VIXX’s comebacks as a whole. I can’t wait until their next subunit. I am hoping for Ken and Hyuk, but to be honest I’ll take anything. All six of them are so talented; no matter what they do, I know I’ll love it.

Question of the Day:

What is your ideal K-pop subgroup?

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