K-Pop Catch-Up: March 2016

For once, I think we actually had a pretty quiet month. For the people I follow at least, there didn’t seem to be any huge scandals or issues to hear about, which was a refreshing change. Being in the K-pop fandom is always such an emotional roller coaster with all of the drama that goes on behind the scenes, that sometimes it’s really nice to just sit back and enjoy the music without worrying about anything else.

That doesn’t mean however that there was nothing to write about!

G.NA Leaves Cube Entertainment (Source)

Okay, the first story is a little sad. After six years, G.NA has parted ways with her agency. Everything ended on good terms, thankfully, and the word is that G.NA will now be on the hunt for a new agency to join. While my most prominent fear is that this may be the end for G.NA, there is a strong possibility that this could just be a break. In recent years, CUBE has not done a very good job at promoting her, so hopefully with a new agency, she can make a real comeback.

While I never really knew a whole lot about G.NA, she is one of the first people I encountered in K-pop, and thus holds a special place in my heart. I still love her older songs, like 2HOT, Top Girl, and Banana. Her sound really gives me nostalgia for the old days of K-pop.

B.A.P Announces LOE World Tour Dates (Source)

It’s time for B.A.P to go on tour again! Now this is what I call a WORLD tour. They are going to a whopping FIFTEEN countries, covering five continents. And one of those destinations happens to be my city! B.A.P is coming back!

For those who were not with me two years ago, B.A.P was my first ever concert. Since then I have gone to two other concerts, and B.A.P’s Live On Earth still remains the best show in my opinion. Since the day right after that show, I have been dreaming about going to another one, and now the chance has finally come 🙂 One of the reasons why I skipped EXO’s recent concert is because I was saving my money in hopes that B.A.P would return again, and now they will! I am so excited for this show, and this time I will be going with my cousin, who some of you met in one of my other posts. I can’t wait to share this experience with her (and then all of you in my fanaccount post)!

Sidenote: Look at that tour schedule! T.S. said that things are resolved and B.A.P will get better treatment, but they are definitely going to have a tough next couple of months. They are doing shows nearly every other day! While I am super excited for the show, part of me is also guilty at how much strain they are going to go through to give us these shows.

AKMU’s Chan Hyuk to Enlist in the Military  This Year (Source)

Only two years after their debut, Akdong Musician’s Chan Hyuk is going to be taking his two year leave to join the military. They will be coming back with an album next month, and following promotions he is going to enlist. 😦 It’s too soon! We barely got to know him!

I am also really surprised at how young he is enlisting, at only 19 years old. All of the celebrities who are enlisting lately have been in their late twenties and early thirties. However from what I’ve read, 19 is around the age that most non-celebrity Korean men enter their military service. Legally it makes sense, but he still seems like a kid to me.

He says that he hopes to gain inspiration for future music while in the military, which says a lot about his dedication to his sister and their craft. I wish him all the best, and I hope his sister is able to have some solo projects while he is away because her voice is way too pretty to stay hidden for two years.

Kahi Gets Married (Source 1) (Source 2)

More wedding news! Kahi, formerly a member of After School and since then a soloist, recently married Kang Joon Mo, a fashion CEO. She released wedding pictures on her instagram (which is my second link above). I don’t really follow After School, but I did review one of Kahi’s videos back in the day. Regardless of who it is, it just makes me so happy to hear about a celebrity who finally settled down and found happiness with the person she loves. I can’t wait until more of my favorite singers get married (Super Junior, I’m looking at you).

T.O.P Litters in Front of Fans (Source)

According to a video and fanaccounts, Big Bang’s T.O.P was seen throwing his cigarette butt out of the window of his car as his fans waved goodbye to him. He has since been criticized for it and released an official apology.

I don’t mean to be that person who overreacts at something small, but I saw that as such a tactless move. Like it or not, when you become a celebrity, you are also a role model. Smoking in front of fans is already poor role modeling in my book, but I know some people may think otherwise. It’s an addiction, and maybe he really needed it then. However throwing it out of the car is littering, and that isn’t something you should be doing PERIOD, let alone in front of a group of people who look up to you. I am glad he apologized instead of just letting it go, and I really hope he does not do something like this again. It’s just wrong on multiple levels.

DAY6’s Jae Deactivates Twitter (Source)

I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but I only became aware of it a few weeks ago. Jae from DAY6, who pretty much became famous because of his funny and sarcastic tweets, has since deactivated his Twitter account. No reason has been given, but I suspect it has something to do with Juhyeok leaving the group. I noticed during that time that Jae had become very quiet on Twitter, but it did not occur to me at all that he deleted his account completely.

It really is such a shame. It was fun seeing his Tweets because he is just naturally funny and carefree about his humor, but it also made him so unbelievably relatable. Since he grew up in America, he would reference things about the culture here that was so real to me, and they were things so mundane that I had never heard anyone in K-pop talk about before.

I feel selfishly sad because he was so entertaining and relatable, but I am also sad because of how much he expressed his love for being able to connect to his fans so directly. He tweeted before about how fun it is to be his real self on Twitter, and at one of their concerts, he fondly said how he appreciated how his fans laugh with him. The only two explanations I can see for this sudden disappearance are that either he did not want to have that connection anymore or it was taken away from him by someone higher up in his company. Either way, it is a sad loss.

BTOB’s Peniel Releases First Track of Mixtape (Source)

Peniel has been talking about his mixtape for weeks, and the first track was finally released this month! I can honestly say that it blew me away. It is a good song. It’s not just good by BTOB standards; it’s just a really good song.

I was so surprised to hear Peniel rap like this. Cube is definitely not letting him perform to his fullest potential, because I have never heard him rap so confidently and passionately in any of their songs, yet he does so flawlessly in his new track. Anyone who is even remotely a fan of BTOB should check this out, simply because of how different it is from his past performances. Peniel has said himself that he is not a good singer, and compared to Ilhoon and Minhyuk, I never thought of him as the strongest of rappers either. However with this track, he completely changed my perspective. Until now, he just hadn’t been rapping about something he was passionate about.

Eric Nam’s “Nam Nation” is Born (Source)

Eric Nam finally has an official fanclub! I have been a fan of his almost back to his debut, over three years ago. I have been wanting a name to identify myself as such for so long, and I absolutely love the name that has now been chosen. The fandom as a whole is called “Nam Nation” which is already so much fun. In addition, individual fans are called “Nampyeon” which means “husband” in Korean. I think that is one of the cutest and most creative fanclub names out there. Everyone jokes about being married to their favorite singers, and this is a way that they can almost accurately say that they are 😉 Plus it has “Nam” in it.

Until now, I had unofficially been calling his fans “Namjas,” which sounds cute in my head, but to Koreans probably sounds just plain weird. In Korean, “namja” means “man,” so if we were Namjas, we would just be calling ourselves men. Nampyeon is still gender-specific, but at least it has the additional meaning of being very close to someone. I honestly can’t think of a more perfect fan name. I am now a Nampyeon. 😀

Question of the Day:

Thoughts on any of these stories? Any other BTOB or Eric Nam fans out there?

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