Jessi “Excessive Love” Music Video Review

Two incredible comebacks in a row? Okay, Jessi. You got my attention.


The beginning of this song immediately reminds me of 2NE1, but very quickly, Jessi takes over and makes this completely her own. It is hard to tell how much of this song is credit to the composition or to Jessi’s vocal take on it. She adds such a bitter sense to the lyrics, but then brings in a classy elegance with her longer notes. The chorus is so deep and soulful, and the way her voice fluctuates throughout the song with each new line gives every single part of this song life and meaning.

I honestly didn’t know Jessi was capable of singing like this. This is Ailee-level amazing – and you all know how much I love Ailee. Jessi is able to pull off this high, sweet sound in the verses, and then bring out this deep, rich sound in the chorus. It is simply captivating.

Score: 4.9/5


excessivelove1This whole video is done very nicely. There many scenes of Jessi outside, singing in the dark about the bitter end of her relationship. The feeling of regret and darkness comes across very well. The entire video takes place at night, the time in which all negative thoughts creep out from the shadows. The lyrics describe her fixation on her failed relationship, and from the different images of her alone, we can very vividly see just how dark this part of her life is.

excessivelove3There are a few solid symbols in this video, and my favorite is the image of the burning teddy bear at the very end. In the song, Jessi repeats that she hates herself for not acknowledging the harm in her relationship, and that image at the end signifies the burning of her childish ignorance. I would have liked to see more symbols similar to this in the video.

Score: 4/5


excessivelove2I describe Jessi’s singing style as a mix of bitter and elegant, and her wardrobe matches this paradoxical style. She has that funky, hip-hop influences image with the jacket and sneakers, but it has sophistication and style. I love her outfit in the outdoor scene. It is so cute, but it’s tomboyish nature shows that while Jessi is a hurt female, she has that independence and strength to understand when a relationship is harmful and needs to end.

I for one can never understand bathtub scenes. This isn’t specific to Jessi – a lot of people do it. excessivelove4No one wears button down shirts in a bath, yet everyone in music videos seems to think so. I get it; you want to look attractive, but not too attractive to the point where you’re not wearing anything. I feel the concept is overused, and more often than not, it just doesn’t look realistic. That is the only quip I have with the wardrobe of this video.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was more impressed than anything else with this comeback. I honestly was just so surprised to hear how beautiful this song was that everything else about the video paled in comparison. With this comeback, I think Jessi is officially one of the ultimate female biases. She is so talented, in so many ways. That always gets me.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Question of the Day:

Thoughts on why this song is called “Excessive Love”? It is not quite clear from the lyrics, so I’d be interesting in what you all think!

#NowPlaying: Beautiful Liar by VIXX LR. Let’s not forget the beauty that was LR’s subunit. The song was released months ago, but my awe of how perfect it is has not faded at all. Every time I listen to it, I am freshly captivated all over again.


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