K-Pop Catch-Up: February 2016

This is the last leftover post from February – I promise!

Mamamoo’s Agency Bans Intrusive Fans (Source)

Mamamoo’s agency, RBW, released a statement that they have identified specific fans who have become too intrusive on Mamamoo’s privacy and safety and are planning on banning these fans from the official fanclub and fan events.

FINALLY! Finally a company is doing something about their sasaengs! There are always “warnings” and “lawsuits” but those are essentially ineffective. By banning these people from things involving the objects of their obsessions, it may actually deter others from doing the same thing. I am also really happy to see the agency targeting the online accounts of these sasaengs. In the worldwide problem of cyberbullying, it is nice to see something actually done to the online accounts. Kids these days aren’t afraid of being physically hurt anymore, but they’ll care if the accounts with all of their pictures and memories have to be abandoned.

I really hope other companies (especially SM) follow the example of RBW.

EXO’s Chanyeol Calls out His Sasaengs… Again (Source)

When are they not making the news? And unfortunately, it doesn’t ever seem to be for anything good.

It’s another sasaeng story. Sigh. Chanyeol posted on instagram a screenshot of his fans blowing up his phone, with the caption repeatedly asking his fans to stop messaging him. This is not the first time this has happened to EXO. This isn’t even the first time Chanyeol has spoken up about needing space from his sasaengs. However the way he words this caption is heartbreaking for me. “stopstopstopstopstop” The poor guys is just tired of it. EXO has been through so much when it comes to their “fans” and he’s tried appealing to their reason, emotions, and respect, all for naught. It boggles my mind how these fans can justify their actions while the person they supposedly love so much is begging for them to stop.

Of course then the psychologist in me realizes that it is probably just some kids doing this. If they are young teenagers, their emotions are in overdrive and they are almost literally blinded by their obsessions. (And this is precisely why social media has age restrictions. =_= )

MBLAQ’s G.O Enlists in the Military (Source)

Already?! MBLAQ just went through member loss two years ago and now G.O has already entered his two year military service without any warning šŸ˜¦ I’ve mentioned before that MBLAQ is one of my favorite groups, andĀ so this one is a real blow. Until now,Ā Super Junior has been the only group I follow who have gone through military enlistments, and now with MBLAQ added to the list, I feel like this is the beginning of all of the other military enlistments. Some of those second generation groups are getting older, like Big Bang, 2PM, and BEAST, so we don’t have very long before they have to start enlisting too.

VIXX’s Ravi To Hold His First Solo Concert (Source)

VIXX’s Ravi not only released his first mixtape this past month, but it was also announced that he would be holding his first ever solo concert. This is such a big step for any artist, and for Ravi to be able to have this opportunity so early in his career is something really special. I am so happy for him and proud of his work as a producer and writer. Ravi has been producing songs for VIXX almost since their debut, and his songs without exception are always among my favorites on their albums.

Sarang Leaving Return of SupermanĀ (Source)

Remember Sarang? The little girl all of Korea fell in love with before the Song Triplets came along. Well, that little girl is not only all grown up, but she is now departing from the show that made her famous. She and Lee Hwijae’s twins are the only two originalĀ Superman families left. While I admittedly don’t watch Sarang’s segments on the show very much anymore, I am sad to see her go simply because she was there from the beginning.

It does make sense for her to leave though. She is getting older; she doesn’t have that toddler preciousness anymore, which to be honest is what the show is targeted towards. Her segments have also become less about her dad taking care of her and more about her meeting various celebrities. She will be missed, but all good things have to come to an end and this seems to be the best time for her to go back to being aĀ just a regular kid.

Hanbyul Signs With New Agency (Source)

Who remembers LEDApple? Hanbyul, one of the main vocalists, left the group two years ago, and it was just announce last week the the group would be disbanding. The good news is that Hanbyul has signed with a new agency and now will be preparing for a solo album.

While Hanbyul is officially known for being part of LEDApple, I know him more for his English YouTube covers and his part on After School Club. Before Kevin and Jimin, Hanbyul co-hosted ASC with Eric Nam. Ever since his departure from the show, I have been wanting him to come back. Maybe with this solo now he can finally make a reappearance, this time as a guest.

Juhyeok Leaves DAY6 (Source)

Only six months after DAY6’s debut, Juhyeok, the keyboardist, announced his withdrawal from the group. The official statement says it’s for “personal reason” which doesn’t say a whole lot. I have heard stories thrown around about fans being intrusive or harassing him online, which is a real shame. I wouldn’t be surprised if he realized he couldn’t handle the fame and decided to call it quits before it got really bad. It just makes me sad to think the people who call themselves “fans” could be the ones who in the end drive him to leave this career. I am happy he got out, as opposed to the countless celebrities who choose to simply live with it, but it is still overall sad news that he needed to leave in the first place.

Sasaengs, sasaengs, and more sasaengs. Unfortunately, this month seemed to be filled with more negative stories than positive, but it is what it is. Hopefully this month will be better.

Question of the Day:

Any DAY6 fans out there? Does anyone know more details about Juhyeok’s situation?

#NowPlaying: Do the Dance by Ravi. His mixtape was released a few days ago, and this one is hands down my favorite track. I would love to see the performance of this song. It’s so exciting and energetic.

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