SS301 “Pain” Music Video Review

Wow, I totally forgot about SS501. I used to love them. And this music video brought it all back.


I was not expecting such a beautiful song. The composition and harmony in this song is breath-taking. The three members of this subgroup utilize the different sounds of their voices so well in their various lines and come together perfectly in the chorus. That little “Woo-oor-han” after the initial “So pain” line in the chorus is that delicate little touch that makes this song so special.

I can’t say this is a perfect song because I do think the raps disrupt the elegance of the song a bit, but regardless I think this is easily the best song of the year so far.

Score: 4.9/5


ss301painthumbFor a video that doesn’t have a whole lot going on, it keeps my interest and attention pretty well. The main attraction in this video is the dance, and having so many shots of the silhouettes of the dancers is the perfect way to keep the attention on the captivating dance. Having a plain background also keeps the focus on the dance, but alas since the background is so plain, it does feel like something is missing. If not a full story, at least a prop or shots of more of the members aside from their faces would have done wonders.

I also find some of the cuts too choppy. It is great around the raps, but during a couple of singing parts, the editing cuts certain shots way too short for a slower song.

It is a very nice video, but it needs more.

Score: 3.9/5


ss301pain1In general, this is a very nice concept. The backup dancers all look great. They add a little something unique the the common suit concept. I also really like the members’ black suits. The gold symbols on the jackets give it a sophistication that indicates pretty well that this is a veteran K-pop group.

ss301pain6My only issue is with the white suits. The jackets are too long for this concept. Long jackets are good for medieval or fairytail concepts, but that is not the vibe that the rest of the video gives off. They are nice outfits, but they just don’t complement the rest of the outfits ideally.

Score: 3.5/5


ss301pain7As I said, the main focus of this video is the dance, and boy do they give us a beautiful dance to watch. Elegant is the first word to come to mind when describing this choreography. There are so many very pretty hand movements. That little folded hand move they do in the chorus is so unique and captivating. That part is my personal favorite moment in this dance.

SS301 uses their backup dancers very well in this dance. I like how they are divided into three units in the beginning that come out only during that designated member’s part in the song. ss301pain4There are also quite a few nice domino effects going on.

Along with the carefulness and elegance, there are a couple of really passionate moments in this dance. Another personal favorite moment of mine is when the members bring their hands up in fists in the second half of the chorus, demonstrating vividly the pain about which they are singing.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, this is a pretty good video. With such a unique and beautiful song and dance, it is hard to go wrong in the video. I was already looking forward to this comeback, but SS301 performed way beyond my expectations with this one. I really hope we see more from this subunit.

Overall Final Score: 4.2/5

He is not even in this music video, but He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named keeps creeping into the back of my mind when I watch this video. I love this group so much, but because of that one member, my image of them is tainted. Why did he have to be so damn likable, and then do something so wrong? Ughhhh.

I’m not going to say he ruined the group for me, because they most likely had nothing to do with his actions, but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth whenever I think of him.

Question of the Day:

Where you ever a fan of SS501? What were your thoughts when you heard that these members were going to be in a subgroup together?

#NowPlaying: Love Ya by SS501. Pain was giving me major nostalgia for SS501 and the first song when I think of them is Love Ya. In my opinion, this is one of the best K-pop songs of all time. I discovered this song back when I was a baby K-pop fan. It was soon after SS501’s initial disbandment, so I didn’t get very far into their fandom, but this was easily one of my favorite songs back then.

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One thought on “SS301 “Pain” Music Video Review

  1. Oh wow I completely forgot about them after they disbanded, I never thought they would come back as three, that’s pretty cool. I was never really an avid follower of them anyway but I did start listening to them for a while after I watched Boys Over Flowers, haha. I’ll have to check out this new comeback when I get the chance.


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