Ryeowook “The Little Prince” Music Video Review

This was Label SJ’s first project and Ryeowook’s first solo! They pulled off a pretty nice video!


To no one’s surprise, this song is full of beautiful vocals. I love how the song begins with Ryeowook’s raw voice, introducing the feel of the song is such a perfect way. There is a very nice buildup as the song progresses, keeping things interesting. The background vocals in the end give this song a really epic feel.

I had prepared myself to be disappointed, and was happily surprised to find myself loving this song.

Score: 4/5


Disclaimer: I have never read the entire novel of The Little Prince. I started it sometime back in high school, but I don’t think I ever actually finished it. So my interpretation of thelittleprince2the story doesn’t take into account the full context of the original.

Ryeowook is alone on a planet and recalls different lessons he learned in the past from the Little Prince. The main lesson that we see being played out in the various images of the video is to learn to open your heart to love again. Just as the Little Prince opened his heart to the rose, Ryeowook realizes that he needs to open his heart to his past love. By burning the book and repainting the horizon, Ryeowook symbolically moves on from his static life so that he can be reunited from the love he had since been trying to push away.thelittleprince1

It is very creative to make a sequel of sorts to an already classic story. I am glad that The Little Prince was used instead of the classic Shakespearean stories. While it is very unique and interesting, I can’t give this a perfect score because too much of it was left to interpretation and guesswork. A little bit more direction and plot would have gone a long way.

Score: 4/5


Beautiful. Simply beautiful. The sets and cinematography are done so well, it is hard to imagine that this is the same Ryeowook who took part in the painfully simple A-Cha. Ryeowook takes us to a whole other world as he tells the story of The Little Prince.


Hands down my favorite scene is when Ryeowook repaints the night sky. In and of itself, the scene is pretty to watch and totally unexpected, but the symbolism of literally moving on to a new day is very impressive.

The only scenes that I think were unnecessary were those of the burning words. Maybe someone who has read the book can find meaning in that, but to me they seem irrelevant.

Score: 4.5/5


thelittleprince5The wardrobe of this video features simple outfits with lots of subtle and natural colors. My only thought is appreciation at how natural everything looks. Too frequently SM videos include wardrobe pieces that just look way too “perfect” and staged, but this one did not. I do wish there could have been some variety other than different overcoats, but all in all everything looked pretty good.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I am very happy with this video. Part of me was preparing for something simple and boring like Kyuhyun’s solo debut, but we got quite the opposite. Maybe it’s the fact that Super Junior had much more say in the direction of this album or maybe SM decided to give Ryeowook a fully wonderful video for making him wait ten years for a solo. Either way, I am relieved and proud of the video that came out of this. We have all been waiting for Ryeowook’s solo longer than most artists today have even been around, and while it may not have been with the wait of ten years, it was definitely a joy to watch.

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Question of the Day:

Any other interpretations of the story? I’d be very interested in that of someone who has read The Little Prince.

#NowPlaying: No Love by 4MINUTE. Their new album is pretty amazing. This song is the softest one on the album and showcases how great they can add emotion to their voices. I actually like this a lot, considering it’s a slower song. They all sound so pretty.

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3 thoughts on “Ryeowook “The Little Prince” Music Video Review

  1. I haven’t read The Little Prince, but since the announcement of his album I’ve been thinking about reading it, and even more so now that I’ve read your interpretation of the story in the music video and the book’s role in it, so thank you for that! Maybe once I read it, I can have my own interpretation of this video, haha. Other than that, I have to agree that the cinematography in this was simply breath taking and a nice change of pace from the more lackluster SJ music videos.

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    1. I know that the story of The Little Prince is written from the point of view of a pilot who meets and interacts with the Little Prince. I didn’t include this in my review because it is simply speculation, but I think Ryeowook may be playing the character of the pilot, after his interactions with the Little Prince. I could be totally wrong though because I’m not sure where the pilot is at the end of the original story.


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