Top 50 K-pop Music Videos of 2015: #40-31

It’s Day 2 of the End of the Year Countdown! Click Here to start from Day 1 (#50-41).

After watching and reviewing approximately 150 music videos, I have compiled a list of what are, in my opinion, the best K-pop music video to come out this year. This takes into account the song, story (if applicable), cinematography/appearance of the video, wardrobe, and dance (if applicable). The effectiveness of each factor in keeping a viewer entertained as well as how well the different factors balance each other out all equally contribute to my ranking of them in this list.

Every day, for the next five days, I will share with you ten music videos, in order, that I feel were put together with the best care, starting today with #50 and ending with the #1 best music video of 2015 on New Years Eve.

Here are #40-31 of the Top 50 Music Videos of 2015!

#40: f(X) – 4 Walls


4 Walls is like an Inception meets The Butterfly Effect. It follows a chain of events stemming from Amber dropping her teacup that leads the members of f(X) lost through a forest until Luna finally realizes what has happened and wakes her up in time to prevent Amber from dropping the cup. The song is different from f(X)’s usual dance numbers, really showcasing their singing and harmonizing abilities. f(X) is definitely channeling the “artsy” trend going around these days.

#39: Tey – Dangerous


Sure the concept may potentially have been a stab at SM for taking over Mr.Mr’s name, but I can’t deny that this a pretty well-done video. Tey is a really great singer, and it shows in this song. The dance is also very good. He really knows how to move with the music. Mr.Mr is so underrated and I was hoping that this video would get them some attention, but unfortunately it remains underrated just like his group’s career.

38: Jessi – SSENUNNI


This song is my JAM! Jessi impresses all with her fierce performance in this video. I absolutely love her style and overall confidence in this video. She plays both the pretty girl and the tough girl, which fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song. This music video is all about girl power realness, showing images of her easily beating a male fighter. I am so happy that they include a dance in this. Where was this girl hiding?!

37: ToppDogg – The Beat


This was the ToppDogg comeback I’ve been waiting for since their debut. They took their unique style and fun personalities and brought it together in a near perfect combination with The Beat. The song is composed so well. I have usually found Jenissi’s raps to be out of place in ToppDogg’s singles, but I think it sounds perfect here. All in all, this is a really well done video, and it is, in my opinion, ToppDogg’s best music video to date.

36: BIGFLO – Obliviate


Fun fact: I have a secret obsession with BIGFLO. They haven’t given us much since their debut, but this music video is so worth the wait. BIGFLO channels their Halloween spirits, a concept that all of the members suit perfectly. The sets are all so well done and the video is definitely one crazy Halloween-Harry Potter-inspired ride. There is also a really clever puppet-puppetmaster theme going on in this. While the dance may not be the best compared to others, the way the dance scenes are weaved into the cinematography of the video makes up for it. Of BIGFLO’s three music videos, this one is definitely my personal favorite.

35: Zion.T – Eat


Sometimes the best stories are those that take a bit of time to fall into place, but once the meaning is clear, the plot is very easy to understand. This story is just that. We watch Zion.T watch his former lover move on from her memories of him. Through different symbolism, Zion.T uses his own body as a metaphor for the girl’s memory, and it is done in a very creative and fitting way. The imagery of Zion.T, the iPod, and the food is all done in a very impressive way.

34: Kim Sung Kyu – Kontrol


The term “aesthetic” has been thrown around a lot recently, but I have not found a more fitting video to describe as such than this one. This is one aesthetically pleasing video. Certain colors are muted while others are highlighted in a way so make this story reflect innocence and childish wonder without appearing too posed. This song is also one of the best to come out this year.

33: Davichi – Two Lovers


This video tell the interesting story of one guy dating two girls, who happen to be best friends, and the video ends with his lies being revealed. It’s actually pretty well-done for a cliche story. We see the full plot of him wooing them and then both of them slowly realizing what is going on. The two ladies of Davichi both look and sound beautiful in this video, as always. They usually have very simple stories in their music videos, so it was a nice surprise to see them come out with a more developed plot.

32: 4Minute – Crazy


For years 4Minute seemed to be spiraling in quality, but they returned this year building back up that reputation of one of the top girl groups. As a group who usually focuses on appearing attractive, they surprised everyone by their assertiveness in this video. The song and dance are both super catchy and the video is edited in a way that simply demands attention from beginning to end.

31: Seventeen & Ailee – Q&A


As a girl, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself while watching these poor guys try to figure their girlfriend out. Not only are the tricky questions so hilariously evil of the girl to ask, but their deer-in-the-headlights reactions are just as fun to watch. This video takes the classic dating game and turns it literally into a quiz for the members of Seventeen. S.Coup’s position in the image above pretty much says it all.

That’s it for today! See you again tomorrow for #30-21!

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