K-POP Catch-Up: October 2015

As I mentioned in my September comebacks post, lately I have been toying with the idea of writing opinion pieces about different happenings in the K-Entertainment world. I used to do this way back in the very early stages of this blog, and since then my following has more than doubled.

While yes, I am the author on this domain, I would love if these pieces were treated as mutual discussions. Leave me comments on anything and everything that comes to your mind with the different news pieces that I talk about. I’m not just here to share my views, but also to talk to you all about yours! 🙂

Here we go~

Tablo Explains Why He and Haru Left Return of Superman (source)

Here is something you may not have known about me: I am obsessed with Return of Superman. Out of every show, Korean or American, there isn’t a single one that I watch more regularly than this one. I am so in love with all of the families and kids.

I actually started watching the show because I heard that Tablo and Haru were going to be on it, and their segments were always my favorites in the beginning. Since their departure, I have really missed seeing them on the show, but I always octobertablofigured that with Epik High promotions, Tablo was too busy to film the show regularly.

Then this article came out, revealing that it was Haru who wanted to stop doing the show. Little Haru apparently felt uncomfortable having the camera crew constantly in her house, so Tablo decided to pull her from the show. “100 percent of the reason why we left ‘The Return of Superman’ is because Haru said she wanted to stop.” <– That is great parenting right there. Tablo and his wife would always joke on the show that Haru made more money than either of them, but despite that, the minute she expressed discomfort, they stopped the show.

Seriously, Tablo, Hyejung, and Haru are goals.

Donghae and Eunhyuk Enlist for their Two-Year Military Service (source 1) (source 2)


You can read my other blog post about this. It’s still sad.

Sigh… moving on.

B.A.P Returns this November with Matrix (source)

Is there an emoji for repeatedly jumping up and down in excitement? Because that has been me all month. 😀

B.A.P is finally back! After almost two years! I’m not sure if I ever explicitly discussed the whole B.A.P dispute on this blog before. Long story short: I was crushed, absolutely crushed when I heard about their mistreatment and lawsuit. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve definitely seen my random moments of sadness Screenshot_2015-11-02-20-23-40whenever I think of B.A.P.

Now that they’re coming back, I am simply ecstatic. They are my third favorite group, right after Super Junior and VIXX and the first group I ever saw live. They are so special to me and I have been dying this past week watching them release teaser after teaser. (Jongup’s teaser yesterday…God, I was such a mess)

Sidenote: I also finally bought their First Sensibility album! I have been wanting this album since the day of their LOE concert, back in April of last year. I didn’t want to buy it during the lawsuit because I wasn’t sure if the money would ever actually get to them (I’ve become pretty sensitive about that stuff over the years), but now that things are *hopefully* sorted out, I can finally get their album. It came in the mail today and I kid you not when I say that I literally sat speechless staring at it for a solid minute before actually opening it. It brought back memories of the concert and excitement for this upcoming debut and I nearly fell apart.

Yeah. B.A.P does things to me.

Former U-KISS Member, Dongho, Announces His Engagement (source)

This was honestly my favorite thing to hear this octdonghomonth. I really felt for Dongho when he left U-Kiss, his reasons being that he did not want to live the celebrity life anymore, which is completely understandable. However, it makes me indescribably happy to see that he actually got the “normal” life he had been hoping for. Being able to have an actual, private relationship and then getting engaged is amazing. Good for him 🙂 I wish Dongho and his future wife the best in their marriage.

That’s it for October! I’m looking forward to meeting with you again at the end of November! After that, I should be back to much more frequent blog posts as I will finally be done with school.

Now to attempt to get back to real life and not freak out over VIXX and B.A.P.


Question of the Day:

Thoughts on Tablo, EunHae, B.A.P, or Dongho?

#NowPlaying: Lip Service by Jung Joon Young. I have been rediscovering lately just how much I love Jung Joon Young. His voice is amazing, and his songs are right up my alley. Even though he just came back with JJY Band just a few months ago, I’m already ready for another comeback. You can never get enough Jung Joon Young.


4 thoughts on “K-POP Catch-Up: October 2015

  1. While I’m very glad that Dongho is (assumably) happy, twenty-one sounds awfully young to get married. So while he has denied it, I do think the chances of her being pregnant are quite high… I would not be surprised if they announce that like a month after they get married. Not that there’s anything wrong with being pregnant, it’s just silly that they in that case have to deny it to avoid a scandal.


    1. Yes, I admit I was very surprised about his age, although I guess I’m less skeptical than others due to my own background. Being Muslim and of South Asian descent, I’m actually pretty used to my peers getting married in their very early twenties. 😛


      1. True, being Swedish probably makes me more sceptical. But the average marrying age for a Korean man is like 32… So Dongho is going at it way earlier than the norm.


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