Super Junior’s “Magic” – The Fangirl Version

Yes! It’s time for another Fangirl post! This time for none other than my favorite group ever, Super Junior! SM surprised us with a second music video for SJ this year! Even though I didn’t have time to get excited or anticipate it, I absolutely loved this. It is so much fun!

The following is literally what goes through my head as I watch Magic. ELFs, where you at?

magic1My bias thrown at me right from the first frame! This is gonna be a good video.

magic2Ugh…the hair…so good…magic3Oooh, Maknae can do Magic!magic4Heechul! I swear, ever since he came back from the military, he has jumped higher and higher on my bias list.magic5Eunhyuk, get yourself and your greasy hair away from her.magic6

Welcome back again to Yesung!! God, I missed him.magic7

Is that supposed to be a phone number…?magic8

Just look at all of their outfits! Everyone looks so good!magic9

Leeeeteuuuuuk! ^_^

magic11“This girl is magic and I’m-I’m so ecstatic.” His rapping in English plus these little looks he gives the camera… I love it.magic13

Look at Mr. Smooth over here swooping in with his flowers. I see you Donghae 😉magic14

His hair! I can’t get enough of it! This has been such a good year for him, style-wise.magic15

Uh oh, looks like someone is getting jealous!

magic16Yeah! Go Wookie! Sure, he’s knocking my bias out, but this was too cute for me not to love.


Aw, poor guy. It’s okay, Donghae. I’m still here.magic21

My inner-Starlight coming out: Leeteuk here reminds me so much of N, my other favorite leader!

P.S. How is this man in his thirties???


This is so cute! It’s like a live-action comic! Go Kyu!magic23

Hands down, my favorite part of the whole video. Even now, after I’ve seen this video more times than I can count, I still can’t help but literally laugh out loud every time I see this moment. Kyuhyun, what in the world are you doing?! This was so unexpected. 😛magic24

Oh Kangin 😛 I’ve never been a huge Kangin fan, but I admit, he looked cool here 😉magic25

Aww, of course Ryeowook is the only one who doesn’t actually make it.magic26

But hey, at least he got the girl. Look at how proud he looks ^_^magic27

Wtf Moment #1. Leeteuk, what is this supposed to be?magic28

83Line! I love them so much. Oldies but goodies 😉 Literally.magic29

Aw, my poor Donghae. What is Heechul even doing to him? Wtf Moment #2magic30

Hyuk does magic too! You little fashion-designer you.magic31

Cue the classic Super Junior dance. They do this dance ALL THE TIME and I have no idea where it’s originally from.magic32

And cue the moment when I start to miss Shindong. This is the point in the song where I am sure they would have given him a rap line if he was here. And now I’m missing Sungmin too 😦magic33

Aw, look at how proud he is of his work.magic34

Wtf Moment #3. I don’t even know.


Mandatory Leeteuk flirting with the camera moment.magic37

And in comes Ryeowook! These scenes are really cute. This whole video is really cute. magic38

Yesung’s moment to shine 🙂 Sidenote: I feel like ever since he got back, he’s been really craving the camera’s attention, as if trying to make up for lost time… Sigh… If only they didn’t have to do this two-year leave thing…magic39

KANGTEUK! Literally every single one of their videos has one of these moments 😀 I love them.magic40

Oh snap, it’s time for her to pick! Who will she choose?!!magic41

My favorite part of the dance. This move actually reminds me a lot of SISTAR’s Alone. Weird, I know.magic42

All three biases! ^_^ ❤magic43

She chooses…..Kangin? Are you sure? Even Ryeowook can’t believe it.magic44

Stop looking all proud. You didn’t even do anything.

Why in the world would she pick Kangin?! I promise, I love him, but for the sake of the story, this made absolutely no sense. He didn’t do a single thing to impress her.


My boys ❤

So much of the fun in this simply can’t be captured in pictures, so let’s watch the video from the beginning, shall we?

Thanks for tuning in! I have my review of September videos coming tomorrow! As well as an explanation for where I’ve been all month.

#NowPlaying: OMG by Seventeen. I just heard it for the first time today and I’m obsessed.

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