Girls’ Generation “You Think” Music Video Review

THIS. This is why Girls’ Generation is my favorite girl group.


“You think you’re real cool – you’re not!”

This is going down on my list of favorite English lyrics. The chorus of this song SLAYS. The entire song is so fierce and epic. Even if the chorus repeats the same line over and over, the repetition reinforces the meaning and never gets old.

The style of singing is perfect in this. It is so harsh that sometimes, the singing lines sound almost like rapping. One of my favorite moments in this song is Sunny’s first line where she sings in this style.

Some small complaints: I can’t take Seohyun’s yelling in the middle of the song seriously. It sounds more like whining to me than anything else. Also, while I think Sooyoung looks like a confident rapper, her voice sounds way too sweet and innocent to have an impact in the rap.

In all honestly though, all of these little faults don’t matter in comparison to the song as a whole.

Score: 4.5/5


youthink3These girls are pushing pretty, but with an edge. They all ooze cool and charisma in this video. The setup of the dance scene displays this perfectly, with their silhouettes dancing with passion in a dark sewer setting. I love the juxtaposition of the princess image with the bad girl image, emphasizing fences and chains, showing that the girls who look beautiful on the outside also have a fierce edge.

While I am generally more attracted to the bad girl image of the dance scene, I have to appreciate how beautiful and youthink1elegant the ladies of Girls’ Generation look in their solo shots in the princess rooms. Even though they are totally contrasting images, they both emphasize the point of the song. In all ways, they are on top. When Seohyun is lying on that beautiful bed screaming “You’re not!” I can’t help but agree with her. You’re right, Seohyun. I am definitely not as cool as you.

Score: 4.5/5


youthink4The chains and black concept never looked better. For a group known for their elegant and pretty image, Girls’ Generation pulls off this bad girl concept so well. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t all look absolutely stunning in the long, ball gown dresses.

The hair styles are also notably nice in this youthink6video. My favorite looks would be Sooyoung, Taeyeon, and surprisingly, Sunny. Lately, I have not liked Sunny’s short, pastel hair styles at all, but this long, black look is amazing on her, especially with the ponytail. All of the girls look both sophisticated and sporty.

Score: 4.5/5


This dance is precisely the reason why I argue that Girls’ Generation is better than most girl groups: They do not simply rely on dancing in suggestive ways to demand attention. They really dance, youthink2with choreography and dance moves that involve moving their entire bodies in all different directions to create a dynamic dance piece.

This dance does exactly that. There is so much movement. The entire thing is so full of energy, leaving the choreography not one bit less interesting than the fast-paced song. I absolutely love the chorus and dance breaks. Nothing in this dance looks recycled, as do so many other dances nowadays. The line formations do wonders for this choreography.

I wish the rap bit was a little more active. There is not a whole lot of movement in that part of the dance, leaving it more boring than a rap should be. Other than that, however, this dance is really good.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I love this video. The strengths that this video has, such as the confidence, passion, and overall catchiness of the song, make it easy to forget the small moments here and there where the video falls. Every time I watch this, I find myself completely drawn into Girls’ Generation’s “cool” world right through to the end. I think this is one of Girls’ Generation’s best music videos to date.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Question of the Day:

Are you a “You Think” fan or a “Lion Heart” fan?

#NowPlaying: Nice by GOT7. Another incredibly catchy song. This is my favorite song from their new album, and possibly my new favorite GOT7 song ever. Every single time I listen to it I can’t help but sing along.

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2 thoughts on “Girls’ Generation “You Think” Music Video Review

  1. I prefer “Lion Heart” over “You Think” (and actually think that’s one of their best singles to date) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t adore this too! I find the video a little one-note, but the girls look amazing and it’s a really good song. Not as good as “Lion Heart”, but what is?


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