Throwback Thursday: Super Junior’s “Dancing Out”

We’re almost back at the beginning! This was Kyuhyun’s second video after debut. They are all so young here. So different.

[Orignal Release Date: August 1, 2006]

(9 years ago!)


I have the remixed version of Dancing Out from Super Show 2 on my iPod, so now the original version sounds so slow to me. Regardless, I find this song to be just alright. There is not a whole lot to make it special: no buildup to the chorus, no bridge, not a lot of instrumental variability. The overall sound of the song is not as refined as Super Junior’s other songs, even the songs that came before this one. It is just too slow and dull for me to appreciate. I also find the rapping at the end to be a bit chaotic.

Score: 3/5


dancingout2The video shows Super Junior enjoying themselves on vacation and exploring the cities of Malaysia. The locations for filming are beautiful. Ironically, I think the indoor scenes actually suit the song better than the outdoor scenes. The video is a bit slow, but it picks up around Donghae’s line through to the end. I love the end scene in the pool. It is a nice way to end the video.

Thedancingout1 video is simple, but seeing as they were in a foreign country, they had to work with their surroundings.

I’d also like to note that Donghae and Kibum both have a lot of charisma in this video. The two of them really stand out for me compared to the other members.

Score: 4/5


Of all of the pre-Sorry Sorry versions of Super Junior, I think the wardrobe concept in this video suits them the best. Blue is definitely Super Junior’s color. I love this style on them. They are dressed exactly how I would imagine a bunch of young guys on vacation would dress. There is also the nice visual element of having the color scheme match the pool water at the end. dancingout3

Where this video’s wardrobe definitely beats that of Happiness is that the dance dancingout4scene features the same concept, but different outfits. They all have a similar style, but it isn’t identical like it was in Happiness.

Even though he’s not wearing blue, I think Ryeowook looks adorable in this video. His look is probably my favorite.

Score: 5/5


Despite a good video and good styling, both the song and dance just do not wow me at all. Even though I find the song to be dull, they could have made the dance interesting. However, this dance appears to be lackluster as well. dancingout5It just looks like a bunch of moves with no real rhythm or energy to me. Considering that this is a song all about dancing, you would think that the choreography would be a little more exciting.

The one part that stands out in a positive way is the rap in the middle. They divide into two teams and perform two different dances that are interesting and match the beat and sound of the raps perfectly. I wish the rest of the dance could have been that dynamic.

Score: 3/5

Overall, I would say this is one of Super Junior’s weaker videos. There are some good aspects to it, but even I sometimes forget that this video even existed. But hey, they moved on to bigger and better things, so it’s all good.

Sidenote: It was pretty cool for me as a Muslim to see my favorite group singing in front of mosques and buildings with Middle Eastern architecture. My two worlds collide!

Overall Final Score: 3.8/5

I’ll admit, as the videos get older, it’s getting harder for me to review them. It’s difficult to tell how much of it is actually worth criticizing and how much is simply because it was made in a different time when technology and video editing wasn’t as advanced.


Thoughts on this video? Don’t they all look so little?!

#NowPlaying: The SS2 version of Dancing Out. Honestly, I like this version so much better. The instrumental is slightly different and it’s faster.

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