VIXX LR “Beautiful Liar” Music Video Review

It’s been a long time since I was this excited to review a music video.


I would argue that amongst all of the VIXX members, Leo’s and Ravi’s voices are the most different from each other. Despite that, they couldn’t sound better together in this song. The best parts for me are those couple of times, particularly before the first chorus, where they sing together. Leo’s soft voice next to Ravi’s husky sing-rapping does wonders to my ears.

There is so much passion throughout this song, in both the raps and singing. While the first half of the chorus sounds like the typical emotional song, Leo’s voice going all soft in the second half is what makes this song truly special. That with Ravi’s soft rap at the bridge complements the strong singing so well and gives the song life.

I am so conflicted over the instrument change in Ravi’s second rap. It is so different from the instrumental of the rest of the song, and one could say that it is completely out of place, but I personally like the funky sound and can’t help but love that part. It switches things up, and shows just how chaotic the emotions of the lyrics are.

Score: 4.5/5


For once, the story actually relates perfectly to the lyrics. Leo is trying to let this girl go once and for all, but he has a dark side that both puts her in danger and doesn’t want to let her go (a.k.a. an evil person inside of him) (a.k.a Ravi). Leo is trying to do the right thing and let her go before he hurts her, but the Ravi inside of him keeps pulling her back, all the while mocking Leo. beautifulliar1As the girl is about to return the keys to their home to Leo, Ravi prevents Leo from taking them back, indicating that he is not only going to continue tormenting Leo, but he is also going to drag the girl back into their lives. Seeing this, in an attempt to end this conflict once and for all, Leo kills Ravi.

The irony and poetry in the ending is so bitter and sad. Leo’s reason for killing Ravi is two-fold: he wants to stop Ravi from interfering in his letting the girl go, and he wants to be rid of this evil side of himself forever. In killing Ravi, there is nothing stopping the girl from leaving anymore, yet the whole reason why she was leaving Leo in the first place was because he had this evil Ravi persona inside of him. With Ravi gone, there really is no reason for her to leave anymore, but by then it’s too late. The damage is done.

beautifulliar4.1Having both members play the two different sides to the same character is really creative on the part of the video producers. I will admit that I left this video nothing but confused the first time watching it, however now that I have seen it a few times and understand the story, I find it nothing short of poetic.

Score: 4.5/5


beautifulliar3I was really surprised at how great the acting is in this. Ravi and Leo have great chemistry. Those scenes with the two of them staring each other down over the piano is perfect in showing the relationship between the two. While Leo loathes that part inside of him, Ravi revels in bringing out Leo’s bad side.

beautifulliar6The ending is also done very well. As we see Leo killing Ravi, simultaneously there is a scene of Ravi trying to strangle Leo. This symbolizes how much of a hold Ravi has gotten on Leo, because when Leo finally kills Ravi, Ravi slowly lets go and walks away. Leo is finally free.

Another favorite scene of mine would be in the room right before the girl gives the keys to Leo. There is a moment where she is leaning towards him at the same pace that he is moving away from her, which I found simply heartbreaking. She is so close to Leo’s grasp, but he is doing everything in his power to let her go, despite the fact that he still loves her.


beautifulliar7The only scene that still confuses me is the beach scene. While the dancing is beautiful, this scene seems to go against the plot. In the story, Ravi and Leo are so much at odds that Leo has to kill Ravi; however, in this beach scene, Ravi and Leo appear to be moving in perfect harmony and even lovingly embrace each other. It is so opposite to everything else going on. If anyone has a theory of how this scene relates, please leave me a comment.

Score: 4.5/5


I really like the wardrobe. The constant contrast between their two looks is great. Leo is pretty neutral in his all black attire while Ravi wears either bright stripes or an outrageous outfit, showing that he is the source of the chaos inside Leo. It also portrays their actual personalities pretty well. Leo is more calm while Ravi puts himself out there more. Even their hairstyles demonstrate this difference.


Because I am me, I have to keep this score from perfect because of Ravi’s beach scene. They even admitted in an interview that he didn’t wear a shirt just so that he could show off his toned body. Showing off for the sake of showing off: Not cool.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall, I am more than satisfied with this video. VIXX LR gave us so much with this. A beautiful, self-composed song, a unique and creative video, and an overall great production.

I know everyone is joking about all of the fanfiction ideas that came out of this video. Honestly, until the moment Leo starts choking Ravi, I thought that their relationship was actually romantic and we were getting another K.Will Please Don’t. With the ending we have though, all of the touching and closeness makes sense now. It’s not that Ravi and Leo are in love. It is meant to symbolize Ravi playing bad angel and quite literally taking over Leo’s body.

Overall Final Score: 4.6/5


Theories about this story have been flying left and right. What do you think is the story behind this video?

#NowPlaying: Stars Appear by Super Junior. I think this is it. My favorite song from Super Junior’s new Devil album. It is so beautiful in composition and of course in singing. It is songs like this that make me want to go back to making Super Junior lyric videos.

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5 thoughts on “VIXX LR “Beautiful Liar” Music Video Review

  1. I actually had the same question regarding why Leo was embracing Ravi during the beach scene & why was Leo wearing a shirt while Ravi is shirtless. I sent that question to Afterschool club but sadly they misinterpreted my analytical question lol but after that I just decided to answer the question myself.

    Ravi is shirtless because he is the open raw emotion, he is the emotion that wants to open up himself and expose all his anger towards the girl.
    Leo is wearing a rather exposing shirt which can symbolize a tiny part of himself that is willing to acknowledge Ravi but is still hiding/suppressing his emotions thus the clothing.

    The scene when they are embracing, Leo is finally choosing to embrace the hidden emotions and his angry so that both of his emotions are in rather harmony. Because throughout the video, it was always Ravi vs Leo, one vs the other without harmony nor peace, just plain emotions battling with emotions.Thus Ravi dies later on because that emotion is absorbed together with Leo (the main host), Leo chose to face those emotions instead of suppressing them.

    Hope this makes sense :>


    1. So you’re the one who asked that question! That is actually the “interview” I was referring to in this post 😛 I was so glad that someone asked that question, but as you probably were, I was disappointed with the little answer that they gave.

      Your interpretations may very well be true! Thanks for sharing!


      1. No problem! Well the question I sent to ASC was rather butchered due to tweet word count limits.. so my wording was rather ehhh >__< Therefore, I'm not sure if LR boys misinterpreted the question or ASC misinterpreted it since I'm not sure how they translated the question either. I think LR boys' answer was probably because they didn't think it was like an "analytical question" or instead a straightforward "why aren't you shirtless but Ravi is" question & the answer to the straightforward one is rather simple lol. But because of this, I'm somewhat curious if LR knows like the whole meaning behind all the symbols & certain props in the music video.


    2. In the scene where Ravi was shirtless and dancing with Leo, when they hugged at first I saw it as a parting. But after reading this, my mind change. So with that I agree with your interpretation.


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