SHINee “Married to the Music” Music Video Review

Just where does SHINee pull these concepts from?!


SHINee are channeling their inner Michael Jackson yet again with this song. The instrumental makes for one catchy beat. I think Taemin and Minho both sounds especially good in this song.

I will admit that this song is not as memorable as other SHINee songs. The chorus is has a pretty generic tune, and I really wish they had cut out that entire “dididah” part as it simply sounds misplaced. The song can get a little messy here and there, but overall I wouldn’t say that it’s a “bad” song. Just not memorable.

Score: 3/5


married1Girls feeds mystery potion to SHINee members, then proceeds to go around and steal parts of their faces. Typical story, right? Honestly, this is one creepy video. Halloween apparently came early for SHINee.

It is definitely a really creative storyline. The reason I am not scoring this higher is because the end is too ambiguous. Sure, we get a couple of frames at the end with the chilling image of all of their facial features on one person, but what was the point of the whole minute leading up to that part? After stealing the body parts, we see the married4girl on her bed cutting out pictures and then find her sleeping next to all of the members. I honestly don’t understand where the plot went. Also, why is Minho the only member left out of the story?

Every time I watch this I am reminded of that one scene in the Matrix when Neo’s mouth closes up. Any Matrix fans out there? No? Okay. Moving on.

Score: 3.5/5


married7There are moments in this video that gives me chills, the most memorable one being that very last image at the end of the girl’s creation. The editors did a great job at making the members’ faces look realistic after having parts missing. As I said above, this video has a Halloween feel, which is brought together very well.

married3However, I find the video gets too chaotic at certain points. Some dramatic scenes are thrown in that don’t go with the rest of the video, such as Jonghyun and another girl throwing up confetti or Key randomly being on a spinning wheel. There is just so much going on. If the editors and directors had controlled the sets between or minimized the chaos, the message and plot would have come across much clearer.

Score: 3/5



What were the stylists thinking? I can see that there is a concept here, though I am not sure what to call it. Some of it looks sporty, but then there is ripped jeans and jackets and giant hairdos which is where I just get lost.married6

On the plus side, the members cope pretty well with the crazy wardrobe, but in terms of styling, I have to give them a low score. I’m sorry, SHINee.

Score: 1.5/5


The major redeeming quality of this video is the dance. There is so much movement and excitement from beginning to end. One very impressive aspect is the number of lifts in the choreography. A dance like this is tiring, but SHINee proves yet again just how skilled they are at complex dances. There is always something changing, but they stay in sync, making this one definitely a treat to watch.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall,unfortunately I have to say that this is one of SHINee’s weaker comebacks. The concept is interesting and unique, but the way it was carried out was too chaotic. It seems to me that SM was trying to do a lot of new things with this video and in focusing on the special effects, other key parts of the video were neglected. It is more good than bad, but it definitely could have been better.

Overall Final Score: 3.1/5

I feel like I have given SHINee bad review after bad review on this blog, and it really does make me feel sad. I love SHINee so much, but now I’m starting to think that maybe it’s just the old SHINee that I loved. I honestly really miss the old SHINee. Since Sherlock, they have really changed their image, and it is not my style at all. It’s nice that they’re adding a bit of variety to K-pop, but man…their old stuff was so good and they worked the dark concept so well and it’s such a shame that they changed so much. I think they are off of my personal top ten list now.

I need to stop reviewing SHINee videos. It hurts my heart to say bad things about them.

On a happier note, I have more reviews coming your way! LR is next! I can honestly say that I have never been more excited to write a review. Stay tuned!


What do you think is happening at the end of the story?

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