Throwback Thursday: Super Junior’s “Marry U”

Ah, one of the few Super Junior music videos that I actually did not like.

[Original Release Date: November 2007]


This is a really sweet song. I like the background instrumental a lot. It’s mellow, but interesting and at times really pretty. I think the entire ending with Eunhyuk and Shindong rapping over the soft singing is a really nice way to build excitement and end the song. All in all, it’s not one of Super Junior’s more memorable song, but it’s nice.

I like the rap over singing at the end. Much of this is very sweet. Not very memorable, but nice.

Score: 4/5


Here is what I got: Yoona is walking around her town all alone, enjoying her marryu3simple life. She goes to the circus all by herself, and then goes home. She then gets a text and finds herself back at the circus with all thirteen members of Super Junior there to serenade her. The video ends with them professing their love and proposing.

The story is pretty simple. The plot is really small, and without understanding what that text read (the video is so blurry; I literally couldn’t make out what the characters say), it seems pretty random that Yoona marryu7ends up back at the circus in the end. She doesn’t really do anything for most of the video, making it boring.

It would have made for a much more interesting story if they had singled out one member of Super Junior to approach her and propose rather than all of them.

Score: 3/5


marryu2Even for 2007, the cinematography of this video could have been so much better. So much of the animation is blank white. The video would have been much more interesting with a bit more color and detail. With the blank faces and few colored figures scattered throughout, the animation just looks half done.

marryu6The scenes with the members are pretty dull as well. Having the members wearing white in front of a silver background makes what should be a warm and happy video very cold. I thought at first that maybe this is supposed to be a Winter-themed video, but it was released in the Fall. For a proposal video, they could have used a bit more happiness.

Score: 2/5



This wardrobe actually fits the concept perfectly. What better color to wear for a proposal than white? All of the outfits are styled nicely with a definite classiness and maturity to it. I just wish they didn’t have their Don’t Don hairstyles. Kangin’s military cut just doesn’t fit.

Score: 4/5

I know there is a small moment of dancing at the end, but it’s not worth dedicating an entire scoring section. The dance is such a small part of the video. Even if I did rate it, I would probably give it a 3.5, which wouldn’t change the final score.

Overall, like I said in the beginning, I’m not a fan of this comeback. The video is dull and the story is uninteresting. The song is sweet; if only the video could have matched that sweetness.

Overall Final Score: 3.3/5


What is your favorite K-pop proposal song?

#NowPlaying: Just Right by GOT7. This song has pretty much been obsession since I got back to K-pop after Ramadan. It’s just so cute! I can’t get enough of that chorus. “Mamamamamama…”

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What are your thoughts?

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