Throwback Thursday: Super Junior’s “It’s You”

We are officially back in the 13 member period. I’m genuinely curious: Were any of you into K-pop at this time? Did you ever see Super Junior with Kibum and Hankyung? This is just before I got into them. As those two left, I came in. 😦 However I think this is when Super Junior was at their best.

Keep in mind, we’re back in the days before HD, so the picture quality is pretty bad compared to videos now. I did my best to take good screenshots, but it’s so hard when the quality just isn’t there.

(I’m not actually here. This is queued.)


To begin, I particularly like the background instrumental in this song. That little clapping sound in the beginning is really pretty, and throughout the song the instrumental complements the vocals beautifully. One of the reasons why I think this is one of Super Junior’s best songs is that it can be both an upbeat dance song as well as a tender, soft and emotional song. The explosive chorus in between the soft singing definitely makes this song unique. I love Heechul’s passionate lines in the middle, and Yesung’s adlibs at the end are outstanding.

Score: 5/5


itsyou3It may not have the sleekness of today, but this video definitely had one of the best cinematography of its time. Even though we aren’t given what the actual story is about, their acting is perfect in that we can tell that they all have their own separate problems with their girl, and they are all dealing with it in their own way. Kibum sets up what the story is in the beginning, and then the rest of them show how they deal with being left. I love how everyone is so different: Siwon trying to call her, Eunhyuk expressing itsyou10it through street art, Ryeowook trying to win her over with flowers but getting stood up. I especially like that the whole thing appears to have been done in a single take. It definitely took a lot of planning and coordination to pull that off with 13 different stories.

Some thoughts on the editing: I am not a fan of the glowing light coming off of the members in the dance scene. It just makesitsyou4 it hard to see the choreography. What I do like is the slight blurriness during different parts of the video. It’s You has what today we call an instagram filter, but what back then was just nice lighting and editing. I also really like how towards the end, when the song is reaching its finale, the scenes start shifting much faster than in the rest of the video.

Score: 4.5/5


itsyou5Everything looks pretty gooditsyou8 in this video. I really like the story scene outfits. They all suit their different characters pretty well, and I love the variety.

In the dance scene, I think Yesung Hankyung, Siwon, and Heechul look the best. I love the colors and all of the ties. Poor Donghae however probably has my least favorite look in this entire video with his outfit that – I’m sorry – resembles something a garbage man would wear.


In general, I think everyone has pretty great hair in this.

Finally, the white scene complements all of the other different outfits very nicely. It is a nice touch to have one scene in which everyone looks generally the same.

Score: 4/5


itsyou2There is a lot of nice footwork in this dance. I love that whole ticking time sequence. That and the chorus in general is perfect choreography for this song. It has the exact same beat and pace as the song.

There is a lot of moving around in this dance which is captivating to watch. The whole beginning and dance break are done beautifully with the members splitting up into smaller dance units.

I am not giving this a higher score because there are several moments where the members are simple walking to get to their places and at some of the verse parts. It actually would have helped if more of the members did the same thing because having too many people doing different things, especially in front of each other, just looks messy.

Score: 4/5

Overall, this is really an amazing video. To this day I think this is one of Super Junior’s best music videos, particularly because of the unique cinematography of the story. They actually have a drama-only version, which I actually love almost just as equally as the actual music video.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

This marks the halfway point of this series already!


What Did you think of this video?

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