Throwback Thursday: Super Junior’s “No Other”

It’s so funny going back and reviewing these videos. Even if they aren’t the best videos from an objective standpoint, these are some of my favorite music videos in the world. I love them so much that I feel like part of me is lying when I write up criticisms.

Funfact: No Other is the first comeback that Super Junior had after I became a fan of them!

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Since this is one of those sickeningly sweet songs, it is one that you really have to be in the mood for to enjoy. Nonetheless, it’s pretty nice. I am not a fan of the style, but I can’t deny that the members all sound really great in this. There is a lot of really good harmonizing, particularly in the chorus. If I were to choose a favorite part, it would be Kyuhyun’s solo right after the rap. Even if I’m not in the mood, that part never fails to put a smile on my face.

Score: 3.5/5


noother11A cute story for a cute song. Each member is busy putting together his own gift for his significant other. I appreciate how different each story is, and how there are some that go beyond the cliche, such as Ryeowook washing her car or Yesung’s epic proposal at the end. I also like how Leeteuk strings all of the stories together by making his project taking photos of the other noother15members’ projects.

The end of the story is supposed to be the members meeting their lovers, however only a few members actually end up meeting her. The story for Sungmin and Donghae for example cuts off right when he is about to meet her, which leaves the story feeling unfinished.

The message of spreading the love is received loud and clear in this sweet video, but I just wish the stories could have been more uniform in how they ended.

Score: 3.5/5


noother5This is where bright colors is done perfectly. There is a lot of color and light in this video, but unlike other K-pop videos, it isn’t a vivid or extremely stimulating color. This allows the story to have the same charm as any other sweet video while still looking realistic. Even though a lot of the stories are on the cheesier side, because of the natural setting, the variety of scenes, and the acting, all of their stories look like something that could happen in real life. I really love how bright the two dance scenes are. Even if the story isn’t for you, the video is just pleasant to look at.

One criticism: I get that some of the members, like Heechul and Shindong, are meant to give their gifts to the viewer in the end, which is a nice concept, noother17however I think the way Leeteuk’s story ended could have been better. He is trying to show the viewer all of the pictures that he took, but the way he is holding the camera doesn’t look natural at all (in fact, it looks like he’s just trying to take a picture of himself). For his particular story, I think it would have been better if he was showing the pictures to an actual girl. His project is actually my favorite out of all of them; it is just the very ending that doesn’t look right.

Score: 4/5


Everyone looks really good in this video. For once, I actually really love almost all of the outfits in a Super Junior music video. In the story scenes, they all have noother4their own personal style, and each style suits each person pretty perfectly: Siwon being clean and casual, Sungmin looking a little more formal, and Yesung matching the kids with having a cute, more juvenile style.

Of all of them, Ryeowook suits this style the best. He is so naturally small and cute, and that is just emphasized even more with his preppy noother14outfits.

Eunhyuk’s white dance outfit is probably my favorite look in this whole video. From his hair to his clothes to his makeup, that whole outfit looks really great. Just to prepare you for the future, I almost always love Eunhyuk’s outfits in Super Junior’s music vivdeos. The stylists time and time again always do such a good job with him. That is actually how he became one of my biases. But back to the review-


I am loving the denim. It suits them surprisingly well.

Finally, the only moments that had me cringing: the very feminine jacket Donghae wears over his basketball clothes, Shindong’s overly stimulating story shirt, and Eunhyuk’s story outfit.

Score: 4.5/5


noother12This dance has a lot of unique moves that are not often seen in other dances. I love the whole crouching on the floor and pointing to the camera in the chorus. There are also a lot of cute and fun hand motions, like the members having their hands on their hearts noother9in the chorus or the whole line thing they do during Sungmin’s part in the second set of verses.

One strength of this dance is that there are several variations of the choreography during the chorus. It keeps things interesting and dynamic.

While this is overall really cute and objectively a pretty good dance, I still find some parts to be a little too sweet.

Score: 4/5

Overall, even if it’s on the cheesier side, I really like this video. It is really happy and sweet, and a perfect gift for the fans. They pulled off the concept well and still made it enjoyable for those who are not a particular fan of the style.

Overall Final Score: 3.9/5


Thoughts on this video? Was it too sweet or just appropriately sweet?

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